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12 Must-Have Tools for Resin Printing

12 Must-Have Tools for Resin Printing

Resin printing is a little bit more complicated than FDM printing and is said to be superior to FDM printing especially when it comes to surface quality. This is mainly because it allows you to achieve very fine detailing.

There are several accessories that are a must-have when you are thinking about 3D resin printing and they are important for different reasons. Some of them are just necessary to make resin printing as easy as it could possibly be for you, some are to make it safer, but all of these accessories play vital roles in ensuring you get the best from resin printing with lesser hassles.

This article would take you through the best accessories for your resin printer to help you kick start your resin printing journey. Let's get started right away!

12 Essential Accessories for Resin Printing

If you’re going to get your hands dirty with resin printing, you might as well prepare adequately for it. Here are 12 essential resin printing accessories to have (and use).

1.    Pickle container/model bath

This small pickle container is important because it has a sieve. After 3D printing with resin, this container can serve as a model bath for your 3Dmodels. All you have to do is fill up the container with isopropyl and place your model in the strainer. When the model is ready, use the sieve to lift it out of the bath

2.    Isopropyl alcohol grade 99% anhydrous

After you must have printed your model, before it fully forms, you have to wash it in a bath of isopropyl alcohol, this way it doesn't get messy or deformed with the extra resin. This solution helps to remove any excess resin on your model allowing it to look its best. This accessory is used very often and should be kept handy and safe.

3.    Slap mat

No one wants to ruin their furniture or work surface when 3D printing. Having a silicone mat placed beneath your resin 3D printer will help you keep your workspace tidy and free from ugly spills. Silicone is non-reactive, and because of this reason, can cure the resin right on the mat and then crack it off when it's dry and safe. This is a very good investment for your money.

4.    Soft bristle toothbrush

For more detailed 3D prints with resin, these brushes work perfectly to rid your model of all the excess resin from the lines. You should be careful not to scrub them too hard so that you don't damage the print.

5.    Anycubic Wash and Cure V2

This is an all-in-one post-processing machine that will wash your 3D printed part in a fully enclosed chamber, making a usually messy project safe and mess-free. The Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine is compatible with most Anycubic Photon 3D printers and will work for other resin-printed parts as well.

6.    Plastic putty knife

You want to have a plastic putty knife as it always comes in handy. Truth is, not all your prints will come out nice. Having this knife is like having an eraser ready to remove erring prints totally or aberrant lines.

Sometimes your print doesn't even stay on the print bed, and you need to remove it from your FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) sheet in the vat. Metal pieces won’t do the job as they may spoil the FEP almost straight away, use a plastic putty knife.

7.    Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) film

You know all 3D-printing parts break at some point. It is good practice to always be prepared for these accidents and keep a spare FEP film handy. But then, don’t just keep one, you might want to keep as much as 10.

FEP films aren’t cheap, but then, their quality is unquestionable, and they are quite durable. Having these films as a spare will save you from a lot of emotional stress that comes with these accidents, which, unfortunately, are quite common.

8.    UV curing light

This lamp is quite powerful and can be used to make make a cool UV curing station with a little effort. Curing is the last step in finishing a resin print is, and it is usually done in bright sunlight or using a UV lamp.

9.    Safety glasses

This can be considered Personal Protective Equipment necessary for printers, especially 3D printing. Resin can somehow find its way into your eyes and there is no telling the amount of damage that it could do.

Exposure to UV lights even at low levels is not advisable for the eyes, let alone continuous exposure for hours at a stretch, which is typical for most printers. These safety glasses will help reduce, if not completely eliminate the risk of this happening.

10.    Home air purifier

Ever been to a stuffy 3D printing house? It can really be a nightmare. The smell is horrible and the fumes could irritate one’s eyes and nose. It is good to always use these 3D printers in a well-ventilated room, but it is even better to use a home air purifier as It will clear any significant irritants out of the air. It will also work to remove any mold or smoke that could emanate from the workshop as well.

11.    BuildTak 3D print removal tool


This is just like a pallet knife or excess paint scraper technically, but its functionality could be stretched beyond that. It can be used to remove prints from the build plate without damaging it. This wide knife can help you get the most purchase on a model without hassle.

12.    Nitrile disposable gloves

We talked about the need to protect your eyes from accidental resin deposits, but how about your skin? You will be handling and manipulating lots of tools with your hands which places your hands at greater risk of contact with resin.

Nitrile disposable gloves will protect you from burn injuries that are so common with this job when done without protection. Resin printing is a lot of fun and one sometimes gets carried away, but please, take caution! This is probably the most important item on this list so it’s quite handy to have a good supply of them.


Choosing the right 3D resin printer accessories greatly increases the chances of creating a flawless 3D print. These decent investments can make the 3D printing process much easier and more enjoyable. Try out any of the accessories listed above to begin resin printing with ease

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