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15 Amazing 3d Print Ideas For Valentine's Day

15 Amazing 3d Print Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is considered the day when romance and love are on the rise between partners. Every one of them wants to portray their love in a stunning shape. It’s where they go to markets to spend their money and time in the supermarkets despite the rush and long lines. 

Stats suggest that only in the US, Valentine’s day spending is estimated to reach 24 billion US dollars this year. It’s an increase of about 2 billion US dollars from last year's stats.

With that said, the importance of gifts on Valentine’s day is clear now. However, if you have got a 3D printer, why not renovate the moment and print out the most romantic ideas that will take your Valentine’s day to the next level.

All things considered, let’s get started with our 15 3D print ideas for this Valentine’s day:

1. Heart Necklace

Let your partner carry your heart on his/her neck, sounds fancy, right? This 3D printed low-poly heart necklace does wonders when you want to do something extraordinary. 

You can print this design using transparent filament with the help of SLA and give it a stunning shape of a heart pendant. Your partner will thank you for it, Guaranteed!

2. Heart Bookmark

Does your partner love to read? If this is the case, we have this mesmerizing 3D print design for your partner. A simple, minimal, and lovely heart-shaped design that your lover can use in his/her book as a bookmark.

So, next time your lover reads, this tiny creative gift from you will remind the wonderful time you have spent together. It's a game-changer.

3. Floating Candle Holder

No one can deny the importance of candles on a fine evening of romantic dinner with your partner. Also, when you are fond of beauty and decor, a 3D printed floating candle holder is the best option for you.

Filled with water and the written word, ‘LOVE,’ this design will surprise your partner – ultimately, adding more love between the two of you. 

4. Super Rose

When it comes to decoration, many will opt and visit bouquet shops to buy flowers. It’s a must and sweet way to do it.

However, you can try something creative. Why not bring your 3D printer into use and create realistic roses that will manifest beauty and decoration on this wonderful evening.

Unlike real roses, it won’t smell great. Who cares? You have the option of perfumes to counter the need. This way, you will save your time and be creative, too.

5. Romantic Tealight Holder

The most romantic and heart-melting moment is an evening with your lover. The scenario is jaw-dropping, and the addition of this romantic tealight holder adds to the beauty of the moment. 

As a heart symbolizes love, when combined with candlelight will make the evening memorable and remarkable.

Furthermore, the aesthetics of this design soars up with the differentiation of petals. This way, it looks realistic and stunning.

6. Endless Hearts Valentine Vessels

This endless heart vessel is a must-to-have 3D print because you can use it as the primary vessel to keep all other presents in it.

The best part is that you can design it according to your needs and desires. Certainly, it will skyrocket your valentine experience.

7. Valentine Photo Stand

It’s a fact that you capture a memory in photos. And you can’t keep those photos in a drawer. Likewise the moment, you need beautiful photo stands for them. 

This valentine photo stand will be a perfect design for you because it is minimal and amazingly decorative to display that remarkable time with your lover.

8. MailBot – The Robot Note Mailbox

Surprise your lover with a secret message – a message that portrays your love or your future plans. Do you wonder how to do it? This 3D-printed mailbot is outstanding.

It will perform the job wonderfully for you because it has a removable head that you can use as a secret mailbox.

9. Heartilces or Heart Charms

Do you wonder how to create or design something that fits many needs? Hearticles or heart charms are worth taking you out of the fret. Print many heart charms and then assemble them into a bracelet, a ring, or any other wearable you desire.

 Do you want to impress your lover by baking some sweets? This cookie cutter will do an amazing craft for you. You can demonstrate your creative side with this cookie-cutter by giving heart shape to those cookies or sweets.

What you need to do is to use the food-safe filament and print an anatomically-inspired heart. Certainly, it will inspire your lover and strengthen the bond between you two.

11. Heart Light

Light, especially pink or bright red light, is associated with love and romance. It’s where the greatness of this heart light pops in. It’s a perfect choice if you want to give stunning vibes to your partner.

 For instance, a fine evening, your partner with you, and a pendant that shed romantic lights, what a perfect valentine it can be for you.

12. Valentine Vase And Dish Set

The dish set and vase play key roles in uplifting the human mood. Why not try a valentine vase and dish set design that is wonderfully crafted into a variety of hearts. It includes heart-shaped bases and heart-shaped candy dishes.

13. Valentine Heart Love Bowl

Will you give your lover some chocolates on this romantic occasion? Of course, because chocolates are linked to the expression of love. However, you can express your love in a much better way with this stunning heart bowl design. So, give it a try.

14. Robot

Valentine’s day is a symbol of love, and you will love to do cute things on this special day. This robot design is cute, and you can use it if you want to propose to your partner on this special evening. The design of a robot holding a heart is rousing and heart-warming. So, why not give it a try!

15. Blooming Flower Box

Do you love surprising your better half on Valentine's and turning the moment into a memorable one? Why not try this 3D-printed blooming flower box? 

The transformation of a regular box to a flower with a heart in the center, what a masterpiece this design is for your lover. 


After reading our 15 3D print ideas, you have plenty of inspiration to practice creativity on this special occasion. You will not only avoid the waiting time in a rush, but you will also perfectly impress your other half. As the 3D printer is an excellent way of improving lifestyle, bringing it into use for this Valentine is marvelous.

Moreover, you can express your views on your favorite and exciting 3D printing ideas in the comments.

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