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20 3D Print Ideas For Your Bedroom

20 3D Print Ideas For Your Bedroom

It is human nature that they love tidy and comfortable places for enhanced productivity and standard living. And who can deny the importance of a tidy bedroom that is creatively decorated, spick and span? Nobody!

It is where the importance of 3D prints pops up. When you have access to a 3D printer, you can manifest endless ideas to make your life easier and more fun. 

Studies suggest that 3D printing is valuable not only for decoration purposes but also for food and other needs, as published in the Journal of Food Engineering.

Let’s get started with 20 3D print ideas to take your bedroom to the next level:

Headphone Stand

The headphone is an essential component today as many are aspiring to play popular games. However, keeping your headphone on a desk creates clutter and takes a huge space. 

Likewise, a 3D print headphone stand will effortlessly clean up your bedroom desk clutter.

Headphone Hanger

Are you worried about the low space desk, or don’t like the on-desk stand? A headphone hanger is an excellent alternative. All you need is a ledge – that will be the best off-the-edge hanger. 

Moreover, it’s decorative and effortless. The best part is that you can hang on it anything and anywhere you want.

Smartphone Amplifier

A sound amplifier is a must when you are social and loves to walk around with friends. For instance, your smartphone speakers are quiet, isn’t it?

So, it’s a great idea to have a 3D print in a parabolic shape. It’s a proven way of enhancing sound volume.

Wall Outlet Shelf

The most desired craft in someone’s bedroom is a charging station near a sleeping position.

Certainly, you will be pleased to have an idea of making a 3D print that can turn a spare outlet into a charging station with a shelf.

The shelf is effective in the safety and neatly tucking of your device.

Self-Watering Planter

Your work desk in your bedroom is boring if you don’t have greenery over it. It’s where the cool Self-Water Planter idea steps in, A cool and practical way of water plantation to liven up plants on your desk without effort.

The prints are in two parts; the pot and the reservoir—the pot for the plant and the reservoir for water.

USB and SD Card Holder

Being a techy geek, you may have dozens of small-sized USB drives and cards. Ordering them is challenging, and you may toss them all into a drawer. However, finding one is a mess then.

Therefore, this holder will clutter the mess and provide you with enough space for cards and USB drives. 

Sticky Notes Holder

Planning a day is an integral habit of successful people. However, it requires making notes via sticky notes. So, a stick notes holder does wonder that orders your stacks of notes in one place. 

Pen Holder

Though the tech is on hype, the use of a pen is inevitable. You still have to take notes and plan the day via a pen and notebook.

 Therefore, a neat and 3D printed pen holder along with the holder of a sticky note will add a pop of visual beauty to your desk. Also, it smartly reduces the clutter.

Desk Organizer

Are you someone who always carries random tools, including pens, USB drives, lipsticks, nail clippers, etc.? You need a desk organizer which is minimal yet effective to declutter your desk. 

Cable Corners

Your bedroom portrays a bad image when it’s full of cables like coax and extra-long Ethernet cables. What if we ensure that a small craft can make this clutter tidy? Yes, you can solve this cable problem via 3D printed cable corners.

Cable Catcher

Cable catchers are excellent crafts that reduce your efforts of bending or crawling behind for the fallen cables. For instance, while you use your computer and have to put some cables in it, you find them on the ground.

This way, you have to put more effort into doing the task. However, you can fit these cables on your desk via these nifty cable catchers, and they will hold all the cables in one place.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Being a student or employee, the use of a laptop is noteworthy. It’s where the idea of an adjustable laptop stand comes in handy. These stands are decorative, simple, and healthy.

The best part is that you can adjust the height according to your preferred position. If you feel comfortable using a laptop while standing, it’s the right choice to opt for. 

Stackable Hex Drawer

You need storage the most in your bedroom. However, you may face a scarcity of it. Don’t worry! A stackable hex drawer will do wonders for you. 

They are easy to craft. What you need is just print a desirable number of drawers and stack them in style, color them, and you are good to go.

Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable storage bins are lovely that you can stack anywhere on the floor of your bedroom. You have lots of documents, books, toys, etc. You should try these bins. They are low on space and high on enhancing your productivity.

Customizable U-Hooks

Everybody needs something that can hold things. For instance, hanging coats, purses, curtain rods, etc., require customizable U-hooks. The best part is that 3D prints are strong, and it holds over 100 lbs.

So next time you use a 3D printer, print out these valuable gears to alleviate your space issues. It will help you tide the garments and other accessories, making clutter in your bedroom.

Toothpaste Squeezer

When it comes to savings, every penny matters, a toothpaste squeezer is an excellent way to roll the toothpaste – for the use of every drop and enhancing visual beauty, too.

 It is minimally designed and gives an aesthetic view without making any mess in your bedroom. So, give it a try as it will uplift your savings as well as offer you an opportunity to practice creativity.

Dorm Pong Supports

Don’t you want to keep your desk and bedroom clean? Dorm pong supports are practically helpful, and hold your cups. This way, you keep your desk clean and avoid water spitting.

Earphone Cases

Your earphone cables tangle and get destroyed with use. It’s where the earphone cases come in handy. These cases are significant and will keep your headphone neat and in proper shape.

Bag Clips

You need to print as many bag clips as you can. The reason is simple – you need them uncountable. Though the print is in four parts, it’s easy to assemble.

Beautiful Tape Dispenser

A beautiful tape dispenser is the coolest 3D print that you can have in your bedroom. The best part is that it’s beautifully printed and has a version where you can fit your own blade. 


You have read the best 20 ideas for uplifting the tidiness of your bedroom. The 3D printer is an innovative technology that is the best to use for an improved lifestyle. It’s an excellent way of practicing your creativity – ultimately enhancing your mood. 

With that said, we encourage you to comment below on your favorite idea and also share its outcome.

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