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20 3D Print Ideas for Your Office

20 3D Print Ideas for Your Office

It gets to a point in everyone’s lives when we spend more time in our workspaces - regardless of where that may be. If we’re being honest, not everyone is enthusiastic about waking every morning and doing the same old thing. Although, some people are passionate about their jobs.

This article is not about who is passionate or not passionate about their jobs. Rather, we want to help you create a beautiful work experience (regardless of how you feel about your job) by providing you with some 3D print ideas that can positively affect your productivity.

Here are 20 cool 3D print ideas we recommend for your office space.

Headphone Stand


People who enjoy working with music will find this print idea particularly helpful to keep their headphones when not in use. 

The headphone stand, as the name implies, can stand on its own and hold your headphone, keeping them within reach for when you need them.

This print- originally designed by Makerbot- is simple and functional. If you intend to print it yourself, it is a very popular model that is quite easy to print.

You can also opt for the headphone holder, which is just as functional and can be clipped on your office divider.


Have you ever been in a situation at work where you forgot the date and had to ask your colleague or check your cellphone? If you have, then you’ll find the flippy desk calendar very useful.

For someone who’s always filling out and signing papers or forms, this should be on your desk so that if you ever forget the date for a minute, all you need to do is look up at the flippy disk calendar (on your desk) and find the date without stress.

The fun thing about this particular print idea is that you can print each month or numbers in different colors. This adds some color to your office space and makes it look happy.


It is critical to have good lighting at your workstation for your visual comfort and eye health. However, it is not always easy to find a lamp that suits your taste or one that does not take up a lot of space on your desk (limiting your work area).

3D printing gives us the freedom to print anything that suits our needs. The 3D-printed articulating LED lamp is a product of this awesome technology. It doesn’t take up so much space and you can have it in different colors. Brighten your workspace with this innovative design.


Tablets are very useful devices in offices. But you can’t exactly place them on your table when you use them, and they are bigger than most people’s palms. So, it can be an issue most times how to place them for use. As a solution, the 3D printed adjustable tablet stand can hold your tablet for you and you will never have to tire your arms anymore.

As a result of the adjustable feature of this particular design, it works well across a range of devices.


This modular storage system is a cool design. It is made up of a collection of hexagonal storage compartments that include shelves and drawers. Each unit interlock with one another to build a single structure in whichever shape of your choice.

With this print, you can add a unique, somewhat sophisticated touch to your office space and you wouldn’t be taking up unnecessary space since you can modify the print to fit your workspace. 


A little bit of nature is a beautiful way to brighten your workspace. Some green in a pot can be quite relaxing.

Although, with the busy work schedule of many people, it may be difficult to spare a couple of minutes to water the plant and keep it alive. You could get so busy that you either over-water or under-water the plant.

However, with the 3D-printed self-watering planter, you don't have to bother about plant watering anymore. All you have to do is pour some water into the reservoir and everything thereafter happens without your intervention. Pretty cool and innovative.


In most business organizations, there's usually a local area network set up to enable communication with other devices in the organization. In building the network, most times Ethernet cables are used.

These cables can cause hindrance to staff, especially when it's allowed to run freely. The use of 3D-printed Ethernet cable runners can help hold up to 16 cables to help keep your office organized and free from any accidents that could have been caused otherwise.


Sometimes, you may need to take different positions while working. If you need to use your laptop in alternating positions, you'll need something adjustable to bring it to your level. Your desk might be good for when you're sitting, but when you're standing, you'll need something to bring the laptop to your standing height for easy use.

3D printed adjustable lamp stand is a functional tool that serves the purpose of holding your laptop in any position for easy use.


Organization at your workplace can help save you time and increase your productivity. To help with the organization is the 3D printed pen/tool holder, which is a compartmentalized holder that can be used for holding pens, supplies, and tools you work with.

It's a great addition to your office, garage, or workshop. You'll have a less messy workspace, and things will be found easily.

 Stackable Storage Bin


As the name implies, this print consists of different layers of storage containers that are stackable. You can keep your work items in them, keeping the ones that aren't frequently used in the lower compartment. Or you can assign each compartment for different items; one for stationeries, one for tools, and so on.

This print idea will help keep your workspace organized and because it is stackable, it doesn't occupy much floor space.

 Super Mario Tube and Blocks


This print name would most likely ring a bell. If you're thinking of the iconic Super Mario game, you're on track. The inspiration behind the print.

The print has slots for pencils and markers, USBs, and SDcards. Great for keeping your office organized.

If you get a lot of visitors in your office too, then this 3D printed piece can be a great conversation starter.

 Honeycomb Holder


One of the beautiful things about 3D printing is that it enables us to make complex shapes like the honeycomb holder. With the honeycomb holder, you can store pens, pencils, markers, and small tools.

It's a very stylish design that can make all the difference in your workspace.

 Dual Battery Dispenser


If you work in an organization where you work with several battery-powered devices like a flashlight, microphone, and remote controls, the 3D printed dual battery dispenser is a functional tool to have.

Oftentimes, you may have had situations where half-drained batteries were mixed with fresh batteries. When this happens, you might have a hard time differentiating them.

This problem is solved with the dual battery dispenser. The print has a divider that provides two different compartments for storing AAA and AA batteries. That helps with organization. Then it dispenses the batteries in a space-efficient way.

You can also track the number of fresh batteries you have left through the viewing slits on the front of the slit. This helps with efficiency.

 Cord Hanger


Do you have an efficient way of storing cords? Or do you force all of them into a drawer and create a cluttered mess?

If you didn't have an efficient way of storing cords, you can get some 3D printed cord hangers.

You can organize your cords on with them, and use different colors to differentiate between old and new ones.

With this print, you don't have to deal with a messy drawer filled with both used and unused cords. This aids efficiency.

 LED Bridge Lamp


This print is not only functional, but it makes your desk look really beautiful. The lamp forms a 180° arch over your desk and prevents any work hindrance caused by shadows or dimness.

 Monitor Shelf


This 3D-printed item comes in handy when you have little to no desk space to put your cool stuff. The print can be mounted and your monitor, or your office divider, and you can put all your cool stuff on it.


If you saw the British science fiction television series, Doctor Who, then TARDIS will ring a bell.

The TARDIS Cup is a hollow box shaped like TARDIS (a time machine in the British sci-fi series) that can be used to store pens, pencils, small brushes, and other small tools.

The TARDIS Cup is an interesting piece to have in your office.

  1.  Business Card Holder


Business cards can easily get lost in the somewhat chaotic world of many offices. This becomes a problem when you need one and can't find it.

The business card holder is a beautiful circular print with slits that secures business cards.

If you never want to lose business cards, then you should consider getting one.


Do you work in an office where you and your co-workers are chummy and often play pranks on each other? If you do, then you might want to consider bringing bigger guns to the warfare, the Coin Catapult.

It is a fun and safe way to defend your territory against co-worker attacks.


You can have a customized print of your name on your desk table to tell whose desk it is. There are fun and creative ways to make this print beautiful and unique. You could also print short phrases to make a statement, say humor.

This can be printed as a gift to your coworker or to sit on your desktop.


Listed above are 20 of the coolest print ideas for your office. With these items, your office can look more organized and fun. This will help with your overall productivity and efficiency.

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