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20 3D Printed Armor for Inspiration

20 3D Printed Armor for Inspiration

If you wanted a suit of armor manufactured in the past, the village blacksmith was your tailor. However, with 3D printing, you can forego the blacksmith in favor of some files, filament, and a lot of imagination to create some amazing bespoke 3D printed armor.

3D printing and cosplay go hand in hand. Most of the armor and helmets you see at a convention are constructed of foam or 3D-printed filament, with a lot of the little delicate work being done on resin 3D printers to keep the details sharp.

3D-printed armor, on the other hand, is usually inflexible and breakable. 

20 Inspirational 3D Printed Armory 

1. Iron Heart Model 2 Helmet STL

This is an MK3 helmet in life-size. The files initially developed by drumguy560 have been edited multiple times, with the majority of the modifications being to the part orientation. With all of the necessary supports and a lack of smooth surfaces, printing this model could be a bit of a struggle, but the finished product is well worth it. It can be utilized as a showcase as well as a costume accessory.

2. Dilophasaurus Shower Head STL

It's not a shark, but it's a fantastic Dilophasaurus Shower Head STL that will make bath time a roaring success.

The Dilophasaurus Shower Head STL is designed to seem like a real T-Rex skull head and provides a prehistoric touch to your bathroom design. Dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages will adore this whimsical shower topper.

The head is simple to install and fits all standard-sized US showers. Remove the old showerhead, cover the fitting with Teflon tape (included with your T-Rex showerhead), and secure the dinosaur shower head in place by hand. It takes only a few minutes to set up.

3. Dark Souls Faraam Armor STL

Helmet of Faraam from the Dark Souls universe.

The helmet's cheeks and headband should be printed individually and then affixed to the completed helmet (the model has special grooves for easier gluing).

The model is made to fit the typical head size of a person (including the liner). You can also print the model and use it as a helmet in a LARP game or as a home decoration.

The head circumference of the model is 60 cm.

The head circumference, also known as the OFC [frontal occipital circumference], is measured around the back of the head (occiput) and slightly above the brows (supraorbital ridges). This might be interpreted as the head's maximum circumference.

4. Cyclops Sunglasses STL

This Cyclops Sunglasses STL is designed to fit over your head. The electric box may be connected with LEDs and a red sheet of translucent plexiglass and slips into the visor. The diffuser can be printed in reflective metal (or, for those on a budget, printed in plastic and coated in foil). Be aware that with the gadget turned on, you will have limited visibility, and while the lights will not blind you, you will be unable to see.

5. G1 Optimus Prime Statue STL

It's not easy to lead the fight against the Decepticons. Optimus Prime G1, on the other hand, is consistently brave and will go to any length to preserve the Earth when the time comes. The figurine's fists hold the classic Optimus Prime G1 pistol and a massive ax, making him a fearsome foe.

The most powerful Autobots wishes to become a 3D printed Transformers figurine to add to your collection and protect your other models when necessary. If you want to 3D print Megatron, you must first purchase Optimus Prime G1 since only the decisive commander can reverse the tide of the Great War.

6. Megatron Beast Wars Statue STL

Megatron stands out among the different Transformers 3D models available for printing. 

With his gigantic ax and fusion cannon attached to his right arm, your 3D-printed Transformer robot from the faraway planet Cybertron will seem deadly. Fortunately, once you 3D print and assemble it, you will have a Transformers villain that is completely safe.

7. Optimus Prime Statue STL

If you're looking for an easy and quick way to build a Transformers toy or collectible figurine at home, nothing beats using your 3D printer and high-quality STL files. You may make a gorgeous 3D print of Optimus Prime, paint it bright colors, and put it on your shelf.

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autoboots and a renowned Cybertronian. His fists, free of guns, cannons, and other weapon sets, are employed for good, heroic deeds and people's safety. His charisma and selflessness make him a powerful figure.

8. Megatron Beast Wars Helmet STL

Fans of cosplay and costume parties may now print their favorite Transformers characters'' helmets. Several stunning Transformers helmets are available to 3D print, including Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

You could even construct a voice-changing helmet with lights if you're good with electronics. A Transformers helmet can be a hit in your family with or without kids, even if it isn't customized.

9. DC15-A Blaster STL

This is a 3D printable Star Wars blaster.

The download includes files that are not split into smaller bits and pieces of the blaster that are ready to be 3D printed on a 200 mm print bed. All cut parts are arranged on the print bed exactly as we would print them to save you time.

Because the STL files are named similarly to the pieces in blueprint photos, they may be useful in putting the blaster together.

10. Halo Firefall Helmet STL

The Halo Firefall Helmet STL is one of the most visible and well-known parts of yourSpartan'ss armor. Spartan Helmets can be military-grade Equipment developed expressly for warfare or third-party solutions that provide advantages and rewards to Spartans who adopt them.

The Firefall helmet is the initial component of an ensemble that intends to eliminate the need for drop pods. It is a radical offshoot of existing ODST armor development projects at Cascade.

11. Shadowmourne STL

This Shadowmourne 3d printable file is inspired by the popular video game World of Warcraft. This detailed ax can be manufactured by any 3d printer and is ideal for 3d printed armor. It would look great in any house, workplace, or studio.

12. Star Gate Anubis Helmet STL

Anubis is from the film Stargate.

This Star Gate Anubis Helmet STL is printed entirely without supports. Each piece has a flat surface that fits snugly against the build plate. Keep in mind that this is a tough print with many small components.

It can be connected with screws at the blue-marked location, and the red-marked faceplate can be attached with magnets/or anything else.

13. Destiny Celestial Nighthawk Helmet STL

This Destiny Celestial Nighthawk Helmet STL is ideal for 3d helmets. And is inspired by the popular video game Destiny. 

It can be printed on any 3d printer. This piece would look great in any house, workplace, or studio.

The helmet split file will separate all of the helmet's changeable shapes for future customization.

14. Halo Needler

The Halo Needler is a Covenant projectile weapon that releases long, pointed crystalline shards that are guided until they impale a target. Hence, earning the nickname" needler," The needles detonate a few seconds after they come to rest in their target, inflicting severe and often fatal wounds. 

This needler is perfect if you're a fan of mesmerizing video games.

15. Boosted Gear STL- High School DxD

The Red DragonEmperor'ss Gauntlet, also known as Boosted Gear (dragon booster version) from the anime/manga Highschool DxD, is a Sacred Gear wielded by Issei Hyoudou.

The gauntlet is broken into numerous sections for ease of printing, and the gem is also detached if you wish to print or cast it in resin. You can attach the components to the gauntlet with a glove underneath it. Before you print it, double-check the size to determine if you need to resize it.

16. Evangelion Unit 002

Unit-02 is proven to utilize various equipment fitting as a Production Model Evangelion, such as the D-type Equipment shown in Episode 10. Unit-02 also includes a unique progressive knife, the PK-2, that looks like a box cutter. The needle gun, a rack of spikes inUnit-02'ss right shoulder tower that may be fired like missiles, appears to be its only distinguishing feature.

17. Batman Grappling Gun STL

A StarCraft Ghost, based mostly on the multiplayer model from StarCraft: Ghost, which featured the suit continuing up over a bald skull. It also borrows elements from other franchises, such as the face mask from SC1/2 and the backpack and sword from SC1 concept art.

18. Gimli Helmet STL

Gimli's helmet from The Lord of the Rings is a real-time gaming prop. 3DS Max was used to create both high and low poly models. All texturing and material work were done in Substance Designer, except the patterned pieces created in Adobe Illustrator and then imported as masks into Substance Designer.

19. Green Goblin Pumpkin Bombs STL

This is a collection of digital STL files for a Green Goblin pumpkin bomb prop from the Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi! This set includes two model versions: a solid pumpkin bomb with no gaps and a hollow pumpkin bomb with light holes that divides into two parts! Download the files, print them out, and paint away!

20. Gundam Unicorn Helmet STL

The 3D model of the Gundam RX-0 Unicorn Helmet is superb. Multiple moving elements are held in place by 8x2mm magnets. You may rotate the horn and side guard panels, and the faceplate can be swapped. You can print the files in three dimensions.

These 3D models have been testing printed before being uploaded to verify that they are of the highest quality.

Final Words

Armory is a free and open-source 3D engine that prioritizes portability, a small footprint, and high performance. Deferred and forward pathways are provided out of the box, and the renderer is completely scriptable.

Armory offers a complete Blender integration add-on, transforming it into a full game development tool. The result is a unified workflow from beginning to end. So, with these inspirational 3D armor ideas, you can create an appealing armor structure for yourself.

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