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20 Adorable 3d Prints for Women

20 Adorable 3d Prints for Women

Designers have used 3d printing technology for more than three decades, but the community has only just become aware of a few versatile tools. Most crucially, 3D printers have seen a considerable price drop over the last few years. A few corporations and organizations have taken the lead, offering precisely calibrated home adaptations of previously standard-sized technology for women.

Fashion is no exception to the adoption of 3D printing in all fields. Some individuals believe that they only get a lovely dress, but they also get to seem nice when they tell people what it is, even if not all 3D printed garments are as pricey as they appear. Here’s a list of 20 cool 3d prints for women. Here’s a list of 20 cool 3d prints for women.

1. 3D Printed Footwear

New manufacturing techniques can be developed using 3D printing. It might provide a corporation with more options and chances.  Lucy Beard is the founder of Feetz, which is based in the United States. They create personalized shoes for girls that are comfortable to wear and stylish. Silvia Fado is another example of someone concerned about the design, range of motion, and comfort of the shoes. She focuses on both the aesthetic and valuable aspects of footwear.

2. Kinematics Dress

The Kinematics Dress is both a professional accomplishment and a piece of clothing. The outfit was 3D printed as a single foldable piece and needed no construction at the Shapeways factory in New York City. They created it with quality and protection in mind to create a wearable 3D-printed garment that encourages movement rather than restricting it.

3. 3D printed Bags

Julia Koerner, an award-winning Austrian designer, is one of our favorite 3D printed bag designers. She combines architectural and fashion design to create fragile, exquisite, wearable creations. She's probably most recognized for her eye-catching Black Panther 3D printed outfits. Natural forms are a source of motivation for Koerner, as evidenced by her Kelp handbags above and below. These are ideal for those of us who enjoy being near the water.

4. Citrus Juicer

First and foremost, this citrus juicer makes it simple to separate, strain, and gather juice from citrus fruits such as lemons and limes. The model is constructed to filter the fluid twice, resulting in pulp-free juice every time. Moreover, it's a lot simpler than manually squeezing the fruit.

Smayo created this model. According to the creator, the model should be printed with a 10% infill and supports enabled to keep the curving shapes in place. Jar Juicer is an educational project that examines all of the applications of 3D printing. It's also a product that's simple to use, durable, and accessible.

5. Garlic Press

Garlic is a common component in many dishes, but chopping it thin enough to use is time-consuming (and dangerous to your fingers!). This garlic press makes it simple to smash garlic for use in your cuisine. It's created from four 3D printable elements that attach and fit together.

The designer suggests printing the components with a 100 percent infill for further strength. To complete the design, use a drill or spindle tool to make holes in the bottom of the extruded plastic portion.

6. Knife Sheath

A sheath, such as this ingenious customizable print, will protect your knives and your hands. You can modify the model to incorporate your blades by altering the sheath's size and thickness, as well as the space settings (angle, number, etc.). This design has changed to enhance the sheath's usability and processability.

The model was printed with a 10% infill, no rafting, and no supports, although the designer recommends using a brim if there is an error of bed cohesion in a printer.

7. Fruit Stand

This fruit stand is attractive and practical, especially for girls to store their fruits. Because the design is based on a CNC version, it may also be manufactured with a mill or laser cutter.

The designer of the 3D printed version stated that they created this design in PLA with a 20% infill. It may take a lot of threads to print the fruit stand, and there are 12 separate files to print to produce the bowl shape. Print the pieces in various colors to create a pattern to add interest.

8. Sponge Rack

A wet sponge can spill all across your counter, making the situation even worse. This sponge rack style creates a grate on top and a tray below to keep any liquid from the sponge confined while also allowing it to dry faster.

According to one creator, the sponge rack was printed with a 25% infill, but no supports or rafts were required. This is a straightforward and clever design that should be simple to reproduce.

9. 3D Printed Jewellery

3D printed jewellery is getting increasingly popular. 3D printing is an excellent way to start a jewellery business. Metal 3D printing is possible using Lost Wax Casting and various materials such as Copper, Silver, or Bronze. These valuable metals can help you achieve your goals. Resin and plastic 3D printing and Selective Laser Sintering and Polyjet technologies can create intricate parts for jewellery projects.

10. 3D Printed Dress

Alexis Walsh is a brilliant designer who used Selective Laser Sintering to produce an outstanding 3D printed outfit. The outfit is made up of 400 hand-assembled tiles. 3D printing was used to create the dress design in this case. The designer spent at least six months utilizing 3D printing to create this stunning clothing.

11. Toothpaste Squeezer

We've all struggled to remove the last few drops of toothpaste from the tube. You can utilize practically every last drop of toothpaste with this three-part toothpaste squeezer. The assembly of this design has been simplified with recent versions; all you have to do is press the spherical piece within to engage the lock and draw it out to release it. The designer hasn't supplied printing instructions; however, it was successfully printed with a raft, supports, and a 15% infill by some other maker.

12. 3D Beauty Container

This is some kind of 3D Printed Beauty Container with sections that holds Makeup Remover Pads and separate spaces for Makeup Accessories such as Qtips.  It's the ideal size for small bathrooms and makes a distinctive Spa gift for any girl.

13. Tea Bag Organizer

You knew you had two other tea bags, but they opted to hide in your kitchen cupboard and play hide and seek. Isn't it nice to have a designated area for all of your teabags? These containers hold and present teabags, with tabs to assist in retaining them upright and a beautiful tray to keep them all together.

14. Coffee Capsule Dispenser

If you have a 3D printer at home, why pay for pricey products? This Nespresso capsule dispenser is both valuable and easy to use. You can draw out a capsule and replace it; simply remove the dispenser from the socket, turn it over, and replace it on a small batch of capsules. There will never be another capsule that lands on the floor.

15. Chainmail Bracelet

This is a cute design, and it would work great with Rainbow material. The clasp on the Chainmail bracelet has been improved and made more substantial. It works better with minor but subtle tweaks, and it requires far less maintenance after printing. You'll need to clip the sides off the bottom of the clasp tongue once it's printed. The clasp mechanism should snap in and out nicely; thus, that should be the only work necessary.

16. Sheet Mask

Neutrogena collaborated with Johnson & Johnson's in-house 3D Printing Center of Excellence to create the customized skin treatment. Custom surgical equipment, titanium metal inserts for cancer patients, and even tablets with 3D printing detectors for senior patients who fail to take their pills are developed at the Center.

17. 3D Printed Molds

Using custom molds to make highly detailed customized pieces without making the 3D printing parts come into direct contact with food is a frequent technique to use the benefits of SLA 3D printing. While SLA 3D printers are not appropriate for directly molding meals, they are ideal for creating mold negatives that can be vacuum formed using food-safe plastic.

18. Pencil Holder

Organize your workspace while also adding a splash of color! You'll have everything you need to create incredibly distinctive desktop organizers with basic 3D printer designs, which not only keep your items where they ought to be but also look great. You may 3D print a pencil holder that suits your personality and eliminate the possibility of people misinterpreting your pencil holders.

19. 3D Printed Cutlery

Your personalized silverware set is one of the most fantastic things you can 3D print. You can't go wrong with this 3D printer design if you enjoy traveling or simply want a practical set of miniature silverware for use at the workplace or in the canteen. They're helpful, portable, and just take a few minutes to make! The most excellent aspect about this 3D is that it can be used again and over again.

20. 3D Printed Comb

Almost everyone needs a hairbrush or comb to prevent their unruly hair from becoming a tangled mess, and when it's this easy to make, why not give this 3D print a try? 3D printed combs are commonly used by women. They can keep these combs in their handbags for everyday use.

final thoughts

From food to medical supplies to massive coral reefs, 3D printing can democratize the manufacturing of commodities. 3D printing equipment may one day be seen in residences, businesses, disaster zones, and perhaps outer space. As 3D printing becomes more mainstream, it will become more affordable and simpler for manufacturers and creators to realize their visions.

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