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20 Incredible Print Ideas for Presents

20 Incredible Print Ideas for Presents

3D printing has gotten quite the recognition over the years, and it’s great for customized, one-of-a-kind gifts. This year, rather than wrapping your store-bought presents, you can print out any of the fun 3D printables that we’ve listed in this article.

Ready to get started? Here are 20 cool things to 3D print for presents in all seasons.

1.    Hanging Flower Pot

house flower pot

With more apartments becoming increasingly wanting for space, finding a spot where you can grow flowers and vegetables in apartments becomes difficult. A hanging flowerpot is a brilliant idea to gift your friends who need a little corner to display or cultivate live plants.

Hanging flower pots are not expensive, especially to 3D print them. They’re quite versatile, especially for hanging plants that beautify your space and serve as a source of oxygen. Plants also actively help to decrease the level of pollutants in the air.

To print a 3D flower pot, simply choose your preferred color and material for your 3D filaments. With your 3D printer, you no longer need to make holes with your drill to hang up the flower pots; they will already be included during the printing. Once it’s printed, hang your strings, ribbons, or chains, and voila!

With the 3D printer, you can also create unique flower pot models that you typically won’t find on the market.

2.   A Bow Tie for Men and Women

Bow Tie for Men and Women

A bow tie is a rather mindful gift for the men and women around you. This gift choice combines modernity and style with safety. This result is as elegant as it is original. Here we compared a wooden and plastic model since it’s possible to print with wooden PLA filament.

There are several wood models available depending on the type you want. Wood is a material that immediately brings elegance to your printed bow tie design.

3.   Jewelry

Thanks to 3D printing, you can offer unique gifts to your loved ones that you won’t find in stores! You don’t need to know anything about jewelry to craft unique jewelry presents. 3D printers can make even the tiniest bracelet, ring, earrings, and more.

You can design it the way you want, making it as personalized as possible for those you love.

4.   Miniature Christmas Tree


3D Christmas trees are unique Christmas gift ideas. If whoever you plan to give doesn’t have time, money, energy, or space for an actual Christmas tree, this miniature Christmas tree comes in handy. It looks great on a work desk, dorm room desk, entryway side table, coffee table, nightstand, and more.

5.   Spinning Christmas Star

This rotating star decoration will also make a delightful Christmas gift idea. You can mount it on top of a Christmas tree or hang it on your tree’s branches. Its three concentric stars spin independently of the others, making it an interesting sight and a great conversation starter.

6.   Spiral Chess Set

This is an incredible gift idea for the chess enthusiasts in your life. You can make unique pieces like this spiral chess set that’s great for casual play and doubles as a decorative piece and conversation starter if they are willing to leave it on a shelf, table, or desk. Print in high-quality material for maximum impact.

7. Amplifier for iPhone

In place of giving a very expensive Christmas gift such as an iPhone speaker, you can give a 3D amplifier. 3D printing an amplifier allows you to combine aesthetics and performance in a single product.

There are many amplifier models designed for all types of phones (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc.) like the one above. Choose the color and material of your 3D filament depending on the rendering you want.

8.   Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Want to gift your loved one something thoughtful and amusing? This toothpaste tube squeezer will help them squeeze every last drop of toothpaste from the tube.

It prints in three separate parts and is wide enough to accommodate most tubes on the market. It’s not only a cool thing to 3D print as a present but also something to remind your friend or family to keep their breath minty fresh.

9.   Bird Clock

This delightful mechanical watch is a lovely present idea. It won first prize in the PrusaPrinters Timekeeper challenge, and not surprisingly. Never mind that it looks like a complex model; it is easy to construct if you have a little patience.

The clock estimates 60 x 42 cm (23 x 16 inches). It's crafted completely by printing, so you need not bother about any additional parts besides some paste, weight, and string.

10.   A Candle Stand

The candle stand is a somewhat forgotten decorative object that’s slowly coming back in fashion. If you’d like to put together a romantic or festive dinner or have a candle-loving partner or friend, then a 3D printed candle stand is not a bad gift idea. There are numerous 3D candle stand designs to print, like the one we’ve shared here.

11.   Pasta Bag Clip

This little kitchen tool solves the problem of storing spaghetti and portioning it correctly. The clip closes most pasta or spaghetti bags and lets you take one serving at a time. It’s a great gift idea for a pasta lover!

12.   Cartoon Character

3D printed cartoon or movie characters are a great way to warm the hearts of your loved ones.

You can create any fantastic 3D character from the Toy story universe; heroes like Buzz Light year, Woody, Slinky, etc. Characters from TV shows like MCU and DC Comics also give plenty of 3D-printed gift ideas. Funko of the recently completed Spanish Netflix series La Casa de Papel will surprise anyone. It is a small toy similar to the famous Funkos dressed in a red jumpsuit and the Dali mask used in the series.

13.   Rugged Desktop Organizer

You can print this compact yet stylish organizer in a matter of hours. It offers slots for USB sticks, microSD, SD, and a calculator (most phones models should fit). You can superglue the two parts together to make a great gift for someone who loves a tidy desk.

14.   Bottle Opener and Cap Gun

When tackling a problem, it’s often said not to try to reinvent the wheel. The simplest solution is often the best. But let’s be honest, if you could take the wheel and then launch it across the room for fun, that’d be pretty cool.

All you need for this bottle opener gadget is a few simple printed pieces and an elastic band (plus a few screws) for the fun to begin.

15.   Giroid Vase

Here’s a little something to capture the summer spirit. This vase model has a lovely, eye-catching design and is probably best printed in PETG (the material water bottles are made from). Don’t forget to turn on vase mode in your slicer.

16.   Squeeze Fan

Is it getting hot outside? Well, once assembled, this 3D printed fan can be a thoughtful present for a friend who needs to cool down. It is powered by a squeezing mechanism that doesn’t require additional batteries.

It is more than just a gift idea; it could come in handy for your personal needs as well.

17.   Shower Cubicle Hook

Tired of your loved ones feeling uncomfortable while taking their shower? This shower cubicle hook is one of the magnificent 3D printing thoughts that make regular daily existence comfier.

Print the shower cubicle hook and place it over the glass pane. They can hang a towel or bathrobe outside, and whatever shower utilities they prefer (soap, washing glove, waterproof shower radio), they now have their place inside the cubicle.

18.   Bag Clip

A bag clip comes in elegant. They are usually designed to be printed as one piece with minimal supports. Once printed, the clip is liberated into three hinged components. It opens to an angle of about 30 degrees and closes so that there is room of about of 1mm between the teeth.

They’re excellent gift ideas for snackers and chips lovers.

19.   Moon Lamp

A really attractive piece for a table or nightstand, this 3D printed moon lamp doubles as a lampshade and a lamp. When you hit the light switch, you'll see the outer layer of the moon. Printing the two parts of the moon will require up to 2 days. It’s romantic for your partner or thoughtful for anyone who loves a cozy space.

20.   Self-Watering Planter

This is a perfect gift idea for busy houseplant lovers. It’ll help save their plants from dying of neglect during their busy days. It’s particularly useful for kitchen herbs, where you can make them last up to a week longer by re-potting in this trendy device.

In conclusion 

3D print presents for your loved ones are not exhaustive. They are thoughtful and innovative, so they’re sure to love it! If you’re feeling inspired, you could think of anything they love and adore and bring them to life with your 3D printer. Thes

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