As 2020 is slated to wind down and the holiday season begins to approach, there is a lot to contemplate. First and foremost should be how to treat yourself, and upgrade your Creality Ender 5 or the Creality Ender Pro 3D printer. This year has been a tough one, and your printer has probably gotten a great deal of usage during quarantine. No doubt you’ve had ideas on what you would do to improve your printer and we are here to inspire and guide you on your upgrading spree. Here is the first portion of our favorite upgrades, some are bigger, others may be tiny tweaks that will make your life easier, but overall these are our top picks for some incredible upgrades.

Polypropylene Build Plate

This Ender 5 improvement is a fantastic first step to enhancing your printers abilities. A huge step up from the stock plate the Ender arrives with, this print bed offers several benefits the stock just can’t match. From a breezy clean up with single wipe from a damp cloth, OR using the plate dirty. This plate offers a surface that is easy to adhere to, and has a clean removal process. A far lighter plate than the stock, this polypropylene surface offers significantly higher durability and strength- starting your projects from a fantastic platform. 

Creality Silent Main Board 

Your projects take time! The Creality Ender 5 has a fairly loud main board, it’s no secret that when it works, it is WORKING. Making a racket during your day, and if you’re unlucky- while you’re trying to sleep. It’s a problem nobody wants, and the silent main board is the solution. While this solution is only available for the Ender 5, it boasts that the only noise you will hear after this upgrade is your fans. With a simple exchange and single click download for a Hex program, this is a great upgrade for anyone looking to make a change. 

Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing

A low friction tubing that your filament will fly through. It is tubing that professionals use for their projects, and allows for more unusual mediums than the basic filament. Lubricated to ensure less friction, slippage, and retraction- this tubing keeps more unstable materials in check, and allows for precision printing. Again, this superior tubing already comes with the Pro model, so this is an upgrade for the Ender 5 printers.

Iron Man Faceplate Display
Iron Man Faceplate Display STL
$20.00 USD Shop Now

BLTouch Auto Leveling Sensor

Manual calibration of your printer is a pain. It takes forever, you can be wrong, and it can change with the slightest move or problem. If you’re somebody who enjoys saving time, getting a perfect project every time, and being precise- this Ender 5 upgrade is for you. It’s a fast installation, totally eliminating the tiring process of changing and updating your printer. Overall, adding automatic bed leveling, self testing, and intuitive features will change the experience of how you use your 3D printer.

Micro Swiss Plated A2 Hardened Tool Steel Nozzle

Nozzles are crucial. Almost every problem a 3D printer can have, any website that deals with 3D printing, and every owner knows- CHECK YOUR NOZZLE. This model will take your projects to the next level. This noncorrosive nozzle is a nickel compound prepared for any abrasive filaments you have for your planned projects. This includes carbon fiber, wood, and metal filaments. Swapping this nozzle for your current one is a smart move for anyone who wants to keep their printer and projects in pristine condition.

Cable Chain Adaptors-

An upgrade for asthetics, efficiency, and organization- this is a simple solution for a neat and safe workspace. The Ender Pro and Ender 5 both have a plethora of cables, most of which are impossible to hide away and ignore. This can occasionally be a safety hazard, but additionally can create a messy and stressful work environment. These chains are easy to attach, modify and make your printer look amazing. While this is primarily an appearance alteration, we always encourage you to keep your spaces clean and safe. 

This was a short insight into quick and crucial modifications that are guaranteed to enhance your printing experience. Whether it is a simple aesthetic fix with cables or a larger adjustment with your leveling sensor or new printing plate. We are here to help provide guidance and insight into elevating your printing projects. Have suggestions? Trying out our recommendations from this article? Let us know!