We live in a world full of amazing creativity in surprises. There are many ways you can be creative to surprise your family and friends, especially this Christmas season. The Christmas season is a season which brings lots of joy and good tidings. You do well to surprise your loved ones this season with some unique and lovely presents. A 3D printer is one very useful equipment which you can use to curate various unique Christmas presents to surprise your loved ones this season. You see, there are different beautiful 3D Christmas print ideas which you can print using a 3D printer, thereby saving yourself the cost, and at the same time making your loved ones smile and happy.
You too can do more with 3D kitchen prints. You do not necessarily have to worry if you do not have a 3D printer. You can easily buy 3D Christmas prints at affordable prices. In this informational content, we would examine 3D Christmas prints you can print yourself and also purchase from a 3D print professional. Let us examine twenty-five 3D print ideas for your Christmas presents. These ideas are solely to assist you in surprising your loved ones. These ideas are not based on what your loved ones need, but are based on pieces and wholes that they most likely need but take little note of.
1)     Personal Candy Dispenser: This 3D Christmas print is a lovely pick because it is a personalized gift. Instead of getting things that your loved ones already have, things like clothes, shoes and the likes, get something personalized and filled with joy. This 3D print is a jar that can contain sizeable quantities of candies that your loved one enjoys. Your loved one can stack up different flavors of candies in this jar. The best part of this 3D print is the fact that it does not require quarters of any kind. This gift would leave your love one with pretty lovely memories to cherish as he or she chews up the delight in the tasty candies dispensed by this lovely gift.
 This 3D printable is very easy to print. Though it has five different parts which form the whole piece, they are very easy to bring together. You can print this piece with just any 3D printer, no matter the technology level of the printer. If you are going to print this 3D print yourself, make sure you use food-safe PETG materials.  If you prefer to purchase this 3D print, it is very easy to come by as well. A worthy pick is the Personal Candy Dispenser by Tanya Weisner. You could also check for other design models of this 3D Christmas present on MyMiniFactor.
Personal Candy Dispenser
2)     Scissors Hand Grabber: This is yet another handy and immensely useful 3D Christmas print for your loved ones. When it comes to gifts and presents, a lot of persons do not see any use and relevance in this 3D print, they feel it is not a useful piece talk less of a worthy gift. Reverse is the case in reality. A scissors hand grabber is very useful for picking up pieces and items that are a little bit distant from you. In reality, there are times when you do not want to leave your seat, but you want to pick something that is a little bit distant from that seat. So, you use it multiple times a day.  You can see that this piece is very useful and indeed a worthy gift. One thing is for sure, your loved ones would appreciate this piece by the time they start using them.
You can get a 3D printable scissors hand grabber from various online 3D printable outlets. A very notable scissors hand grabber you can always purchase is the Hand Grabber by don3sch. This particular 3D printable is very quality and sturdy with a strong handle to grip. It is manufactured by making use of sturdy PETG materials.
Apart from this product by don3sch, you can also check other online 3D prints outlets for various models of hand grabbers. How easy is it to print this model? Relatively easy but if you are not an expert in 3D printing, you might want to purchase from 3D print outlets like thingiverse.
Scissors Hand Grabber
3)     Cat Butt Doorbell: This is another handy 3D Christmas printable. If you are especially confused about what present to get, you should consider getting this cat butt doorbell. Instead of buying something complex, why not try out this simple and lovely present. You do not have to stress yourself over the purchase of a cat butt doorbell. You can easily get a cat butt doorbell 3D print.
How easy is it to print? This 3D cat butt doorbell is so easy to print, even if you are a beginner in 3D printing. You can purchase the design from chrisdug on various 3D prints outlets. If you wish to print yourself, you can check for beautiful models on various 3D printable websites like Thingiverse.
Cat Butt Doorbell
4)     Low Poly Wall-Mounted Unicorn Trophy Head: This is a very useful and beautiful piece to hang on the wall of your home. The simplicity in beauty and elegance of this 3D print makes it a very unique Christmas present. You can get this 3D print for the delight of your loved ones. Many times, we get so carried away by the common place home decor pieces around that we do not even take notice of simple and unique home decor pieces. So, here comes a very simple and sleek 3D Christmas printable in a low poly wall-mounted unicorn trophy head.
 You can get the low poly wall-mounted unicorn trophy head by Apachcreation for your best surprises in presents. You can be sure that this present would delight your loved ones. They mostly likely had no wall-mounted unicorn trophy head, prior to your gift. If you wish to print this 3D piece with your 3D printer, you can simply check models on online 3D kitchen printable outlets. It is compatible with different sizes and 3D printer filaments.
Low Poly wall-mounted unicorn trophy head
5)     Voronoi-Style Elephant Wall Hook: This is one 3D Christmas print idea that you would love, it is a really unique and worthy gift. It is no doubt that your loved ones would want to keep and maintain the aesthetics of their interior design. But there is one thing, in particular, that can ruin their interiors, blandness. Many times, the importance of arranging some pieces on walls are under-appreciated. But you can get 3D prints to solve this problem. One of the pieces you can get is this piece.
 So, you do well to give this as a present to your loved ones to beautify their interiors. All they have to do is to hang this onto the wall.  They can also hang some materials like towels, coats and the likes on it. So, it has multi-purpose use.
You can purchase this 3D elephant wall hook of Jun0 for beautiful interior builds. There are also various 3D designers for this voronoi-style elephant wall hook, you can search the web for such outlets. If you choose to print your 3D wall hook yourself, simply check design models on various 3D printable websites like thingiverse. But advisable, you should purchase from a 3D outlet due to the complexity of printing this piece.
Voronoi-style elephant wall hook.
25 AWESOME 3D Prints Ideas for Christmas Presents
6)     Lunar Phase Clock: If you are looking for a creative present that would be worthy and create good memories for your loved ones, this 3D Christmas print is a worthy pick. The lunar phase clock is a creative kind of clock which is designed with the small moon shape and other clock components. This 3D print is very useful for nightlight and you can also use it as a DIY project model for your child. A popular linear phase clock you should try out is the lunar phase clock by Galile0. You can also check thingiverse for other beautiful models of this lunar phase clock. The printability of this piece is quite easy, in case you choose to print by yourself.
Lunar phase clock
7)     Flower Vase with Articulated Limbs: This is another creative 3D Christmas printable idea you should give great thoughts to if you are very particular about surprising your loved ones with unique pieces that have artistic designs. This 3D print is not your commonplace flower vase you find everywhere. It has articulated limbs for extra artistry. Most times we are always so comfortable with regular designs of home pieces and wholes, but once in a while, we should go artistic and creative. This product can house beautiful flowers and at the same time, fit the bill as a creative piece of art. The fact is that your loved ones would appreciate the uniqueness in this gift. Feel free to add this to your list of Christmas presents.
How easy is it to print this piece? It is not quite easy. So, you should preferably purchase from online 3D prints outlets. You can try out the articulated flower vase by Joe. Other beautiful models are available on thingiverse.
Flower vase with articulated limbs
8)     Sushi Maker Pack: If your loved one is a lover of Asian delicacy, this particular 3D print is very ideal for him or her. Many times, you might have purchased sushi which did not come in the perfect rolls and shapes. This is why this 3D Christmas printable is even all-important. With this 3D whole, you get to make sushi in perfect shapes and rolls in your home! Depending on your preferences, you can go for the rectangular, heart-shaped or round sushi maker.
 You need to note that this 3D print is not in any way easy to print. You have various shapes and dimensions of boxes to print.  So, you should preferably get your 3D sushi maker set from a 3D kitchen utensil store. You should try out the Sushi maker set by MEH4D. You could also get more design models on thingiverse. Your loved ones would absolutely love this piece!
Sushi maker pack
9)     Garlic Press: You need to understand that little unique home pieces which we pay little or no attention to are very great presents. This garlic press for example is very useful in any garlic mash up. It is usually not effective trying to use knives to cut garlic into sizeable edible squashes. They do not usually come out well. So, this is 3D print is very great. All you have to do is to place your garlic inside the press and cover with the press. After this, you press down the hold-able part on top. You will now find garlic squashes coming out from the bottom of the press. Your loved ones would appreciate its handiness and usefulness. Gift any loved one who you know makes a good use of garlic. Lovely!
One thing about this 3D print is that it can quickly fizzle out while in water if you do not buy the one made from quality materials. So, purchase the one made from quality PETG materials for long-lasting use. The print-ability of this 3D print is complex. So, it is best purchased. Get the 3D garlic press by Dave Steff,  it is a worthy pick.
Garlic press
10)     Citrus Juicer: This is one very common and brilliant 3D Christmas printable. It is very easy to use and effective as well. You can get more out of your citrus and fruit juicing by making use of this 3D print. How do you use it? You simply put the juicer into a slice of your citrus and turn it 360° multiple times. In the process, the juice would be squeezed out of your citrus. It is easy and effective. Your loved ones would make great use of it for juice and cocktails this Christmas season. You can easily purchase this 3D piece from various online 3D prints outlets. A notable and effective 3D citrus juicer is the product by Walter Hsaio. If you choose to print this piece yourself, take note that it is not very easy to print. So, you might want to consider purchasing.
Citrus Juicer
25 AWESOME 3D Prints Ideas for Christmas Presents
11)     3D Bag Clips: This is one 3D print we all need in our kitchens, especially this Christmas season where we shop and store various edibles. It is among the most usable 3D printable. The fact is that your loved ones would store quite a handful of things (raw food items in particular) in clear bags this season. Many times, there is the possibility of running out of rubbers and ties to seal up these clear bags. But one can do more by getting 3D bag clips to close up all those clear bags. One thing about 3D bag clips is the fan act that is very reusable, unlike rubbers and ties which cut very frequently. Bag clips are made out of strong thermoplastic, so they are very durable. The hearts of your loved ones would go out to you! You can easily purchase 3D bag clips from various online 3D prints outlets. The 3D bag clip design by Erik De Bruijn, this piece is one quality piece. If you choose to print this 3D piece yourself, it is quite easy to print.
3D Bag Clips
12)     Sloth Hanging Planter: This is another vintage and creative present this Christmas for your loved ones. This is one 3D Christmas print that has multi-purpose home decor purpose. You can purchase the sloth hanging planter to hang on the wall as. This ordinarily enhances the interior beauty of your home. You can also go a step further by placing natural plants in this planter. This is why it is built actually. So, you get premium pot plant beauty from this 3D piece. The look of this hanging sloth is enough joy on the faces of your loved ones, now put together the uses. This planter makes a great Christmas present. You could consider getting one as a present. You could buy the 3D picture product or check other models by MyMiniFactory.
Sloth Hanging Planter
13)     Bag Dispenser Lid: This is one very innovative and useful 3D Christmas printable. You never know how much of use it has until you start making use of it in your home. This is the more reason why it is an ideal Christmas gift. This bag dispenser lid is very good for cereal and coffee bags especially. When you purchase a cereal pack, you tear an opening for pouring it out. Most times, you tie that opening with rubber to avoid moisture and insect. But at times, this technique does not effectively keep out moisture and insects. This is where this 3D print is very effective. All you have to do is to purchase one and key it onto the opening you have created on your cereal or coffee bag and cover it with the lid cover. You can then have your cereal safe from insects and moisture. Also, most bag dispenser lids are wide enough to contain your spoons and scoops.
This Christmas season where your loved ones would purchase a lot of groceries food packs and all, this 3D piece comes in very handy. The print-ability of this 3D piece is not easy, it is complex. So, you preferably should purchase from professional 3D pieces outlets. The Bag Dispenser Lid by Neil is a top option when it comes to 3D bag dispenser lids.
Bag Dispenser Lid
14)     Fork Tongs: This 3D print comes in very handy for the consumption of your noodles, spaghetti, pasta and the likes. It would make a lively Christmas present. This 3D Christmas printable is very useful for gripping your fork and lifting your noodles for easy and convenient consumption. Fork tongs are also very useful whenever you are splitting and dividing your salad into different wholes. When you make use of fork tongs, you would be able to grip well for easy splitting. In this season where your loved ones would do a lot of dishes, this 3D print is very usable. Do well to add this to your list of Christmas present.
 This 3D piece is very easy to print, so you might choose to print it through your 3D printer. You can also check various 3D prints outlets for a variety of fork tongs. The Nick Tan design is one that should work well for your forks. Your loved ones would be surprised at how well it grips. More so, this design has an ergonomic build to your palm grips.
Fork Tongs
15)     Vintage Flip Calendar: This is one simple and sleek Christmas present that you can gift your loved ones. Pieces like this create lasting good memories. Whenever your loved one sees this piece, they remember your lovely and heartfelt gift. This 3D Christmas printable is a very simple flip calendar which is placed in the table.
One thing about this product is its beauty in simplicity. It is a worthy Christmas present. You can purchase one from the otvinta3D models. If you wish to check for more design of the flip calendar, you can check sites like thingiverse.
Vintage Flip Calendar
25 3D Prints Ideas for Christmas Presents
16)     Measuring Spoons: This 3D print is also one with very handy uses this Christmas season. The truth is that your loved ones would make different dishes this joyous season, so it comes in handy. In dish making, they would make use of measuring spoons. They are very useful for measuring food condiments. They are also very useful for measuring sugar and milk into cereals, tea and coffee. The amazing thing about measuring spoons is that they are not restricted to one measure. They come in at least 5 different popular measures. So, they use them according to the size measure.
This would make a very nice Christmas gift, do include in your list. This 3D printable is easy to print, so, you might want to print yourself. If you are not one that has a 3D printer, simply purchase from an online 3D kitchen printable outlet. The Charlie design is a great pick, you should try it out.
Measuring Spoons
17)     Chess Set: This 3D Christmas printable is very ideal as a Christmas present. No doubt, you and your loved ones would spend enough times together this joyous season. In the process of these gatherings, you would most likely be involved in games night and all sort of fun activities. A chess game set is very ideal for games night.
You could get a 3D chess print set for your loved ones in order for them to play and have fun during this season. They would be really appreciative of this gift. A very good model is the Chessmond model. You go also check Craftcloud for other models.
Chess Set
18)     Popcorn Seed Separator: This 3D print is worth it as a Christmas present. During this season where you and your loved ones would be seeing quite a number of movies. There is nothing more refreshing than chewing through the sweetness of your popcorn without having to bite the seeds. That feeling when you are watching a blockbuster movie while chewing up some sweet popcorn with a cold drink. Joyous I can imagine! You enjoy your popcorn best when it has no seeds that would irritate and chip off your tooth.
It is so irritating that all the delight and joy you felt while chewing up the seedless popcorn would vanish so fast upon biting a seed. But here comes a 3D Christmas printable that replaces all the misery of popcorn seeds with the delight of seedless tasty popcorn. This 3D print separates all the seeds in your popcorn from the popcorn. You are sure to get seedless popcorn after use. How do you use? Simply put your popcorn into the seed separator and shake lightly. All the seeds would fall off through the holes in the separator, you then get to have a popcorn free of seeds. Get this as a Christmas gift for your loved ones so that they can enjoy this delight!
 How easy is it to print this 3D piece? It is not so easy, so you can purchase from an online outlet preferably. You should give the Popcorn Seed Separator by Mac Reiter a try. That design is effective and durable.  For 3D print professionals that would want to print this piece, you should note that you should make use of a food-safe PETG or PLA material. Also, for shape and sizing, you could simply check out the AutoCAD file for this particular 3D print online.
Popcorn Seed Separator
19)     Captain America 3D Print Figure: This particular 3D is a good and fun Christmas present. If your loved one is especially a lover of the marvel series, he or she would love this as a gift. It would create lovely memories as it is a model of one of the stars of the marvel series. This piece is not easy to print so you do well to purchase this 3D Christmas printable from any 3D print outlet. You could check cults3D for various models of this print. A worthy Captain America print is the one by 3D prints general. You do not have to be worried about the quality if this piece, it is quite durable. This is why thousands of 3D prints enthusiasts purchase it.
Captain America 3D Print Figure
20)     Stemware Hanger: This 3D printable is very useful for holding your wine glass, champagne flutes and the likes, very handy piece! You and your loved ones are going to be enjoying different cocktails and drinks this season, so, it is a good Christmas gift. It is very easy to use, nothing technical at all. All you have to do so to screw some onto the height of your cabinet and then slide the wine glasses in. As an extra perk, you reduce the probability of breakage if they are kept separate from your kitchen utensils. More so, you keep dust out of the glasses, since the stemware hangers are inverted. You could also use these hangers outside of your cabinets. Just screw them to surfaces vertically, and slide in the bottom of your glasses.  Gift your loved ones some stemware hanger this for them to hold their champagne flutes and glasses this season.
Try the Stemware Hanger by Robert Coe for some enjoyable experience using this 3D printable. You could also purchase different models from online kitchen printable outlets like MyMiniFactory.
Stemware Hanger
25 3D Prints Ideas for Christmas Presents
21)     Powder and/or Condiment Shaker: This 3D print is also very useful in your cooking this Christmas season. A lot of dish cooking would be done by you and your loved ones this season, making this piece very useful. Rather than having to sprinkle your seasonings and continents on your dish with your hand, you can use this 3D printable to shake it on your dish effectively. How do you use it? All you have to do is remove the bottom lid and poor in your powdered condiments. After this, close the lid and you are ready to shake your powdered elements onto your dish. The shaking is done through the tiny pores and holes on the bottom cover. You should also take note that this powder shaker is not only useful for condiments and seasonings. You can also use it for sugar, cocoa powder and the likes. The thing is just that you would have to get a separate powder shaker for your sugar. Even if you pour out the season from your powder shaker, you should not use the same for your sugar if you do lot want your sugar to have the taste of condiments. Your loved ones would love this piece, a very nice Christmas gift.
You can easily get a 3D powder shaker on various 3D kitchen printable outlets. A worthy product to get is the Powder Shaker by Simone Fontana.
Powder and/or Condiment Shaker
22)     Toast Extractor: Toasts and sandwiches are common this festive season. This extractor is especially useful to prevent burns and injuries while trying to remove your toast from the toasting machine. Toast and other sandwiches are very great on the menu for game nights this Christmas season. It is not uncommon to get slight burns from the heat of your toasting machine while trying to remove your toast. This should not be occurring since you can make good use of a toast extractor to remove your taste from the toasting machine.
You can then imagine the joy in the hearts of your loved ones when using this 3D print. You do well to gift them this piece as a Christmas gift. You can choose to print your toast extractor yourself since the profitability is relatively easy. If you are not going to print, then go for quality toast extractors like the design by Murray Clark. You can also check for other design models on online 3D sites like Thingiverse.
Toast Extractor
23)     Remote Controlled Boats: This is a very good Christmas gift for kids. No doubt, kids appreciate toys a lot, more so, remote controlled ones. So, you can make those kids really happy this season by gifting them some 3D Christmas printable in an RC boat. You could purchase the RC bench by Thullen. This is a very good pick. You could also check for various other models in thingiverse.
Remote Controlled Boats
24)     3D Octopus Tablet Stand: This is a very handy and useful 3D Christmas gift. Your loved ones would love this 3D piece as it can hold their tablets while using it to work and while watching movies with it. This 3D piece grips tablets very well. So, the tablet can stay very much in place for hours. Your loved ones would enjoy its effectiveness. The Collin Payson design is a good pick. You could also check thingiverse for more design models.
3D Octopus Tablet Stand
25)    3D Phone Stand: This 3D piece is a very worthy present as well. It gives the effectiveness and efficiency of the 3D octopus stand to your mobile device. It holds your phone in place for work and movies. The grip is very standard and great. Your loved ones would surely appreciate this 3D print as a Christmas present. The Arron Mollet product is a very good one to buy. Other models can be found in thingiverse.
3D Phone Stand
25 3D Prints Ideas for Christmas Presents
One thing that has been proved true is the fact that you do not have to always purchase expensive and bogus items as Christmas presents. What you should place your focus on is putting hearty smiles on your loved ones’ faces and also creating memories to relish and remember. There are 3D pieces that are rarely though of which are very useful. We have exposed you to twenty-five of those 3D pieces. You can pick from those pieces and gift your loved ones memorable pieces this Christmas. Always remember that one effective way to make your loved ones smile this season is to gift pieces that are needed, all 3D Christmas printable in this content are very worthy!