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5 Best 3D Printers For Cosplay

5 Best 3D Printers For Cosplay

The best 3D printers for Cosplay are:

  1.  Creality CR-10S (Largest Volume and Best Value)
  2. Prusa i3 MK3S (Best Overall)
  3. Dremel Digilab 3D45 (Best For Beginner)
  4. QIDI TECH X-Max (Best For Prototypes)
  5. Monoprice Maker Select PLUS (Best Budget Choice)
  • Creality CR-10S 3D Printer

Build volume: 300 x 300 x 400 mm | Layer Resolution: 400 micron | Print Speed: 200 mm/s

Whenever you are viewing DIY options, Creality always has a printer in the running. Cosplaying is no exception. It is marketed as a 3D printer kit. The Creality CR-10S approaches are mostly pre-assembled.

         For cosplay with a lot of punch, this is a budget-friendly 3D printer. The build volume of this printer is so large you could possibly print an elephant on it. The only issue you have to face is selling build volume for resolution. One thing must be kept in mind that you could always send a cosplay piece to make it look more rounded.

    It is one of the fastest printers in its space and this is the thing you have to keep in mind how fast this 3D printer is. The helmets of cosplay take at least a time period of 1 to 2 days to print.

Pros Cons
For DIY fans it is affordable and budget-friendly. Printing the bed takes a minute time to heat up.
It has a large build volume of 300Í400mm. At times prints might struggle to stick to the printing bed.
Quick 3D printing competencies.  
It creates steady prints.  
The bed of glass print is removable.  
  • Prusa I3 MK3S 3D Printer

Build volume: 250 x 210 x 200 mm | Layer Resolution: 50 micron | Filament diameter: 1.75 mm | Print Speed: 100 mm/s

         One of the largest and most helpful with dedicated forums to go-to for sharing ideas and the rare case of technical issues is the Prusa 3D printing community. Prusa printers are built to last therefore they are rare.

         Prusa i3 was the most used 3D printer in the world in the year 2016. The machine has a ton of knock-off brands. Also, it has great print detail and on this list, it is one of the faster print speeds. If you want to create cosplay pieces, you make sure to measure.

         In this printer, a slicing program called Slic3r is also integrated. It means that Prusa is driving a Porsche for the people who are unfamiliar with this jargon. The best slicing program on the market is the Slic3r.

Pros Cons
It has automatic bed leveling. Assembly is required for this printer.
It is easy to read LCD screen. During startup appears troubleshooting.
Actually reliable prints.  
It comes with a comprehensive assembly book.  
It works with Slic3r.  
  • Dremel Digilab 3D45 3D Printer

Build volume: 250 x 150 x 170 mm | Layer Resolution: 50 micron | Filament diameter: 1.75 mm 

         The Dremel Digilab 3D45 is another solid pick to 3D print cosplay. The company that is leading the way in the 21st century with their 3D printer is the making of Dremel rotary tool. The volume of this 3D printer is small.

         Moreover, the design is also fully bounded and looks beautiful innovative. The meaning of bounded is that you will hold temperature better. Without the risk of breathing in the fumes, you can print ABS. it is safe to use in small and unventilated rooms because it actually has carbon filters for the exhaust air.

         For cosplay, this is considered as one of the most user-friendly3D printers. This is a big advantage of it. The interface is so smooth and the bed nearly levels itself. It also has a camera to monitor your print and a big touch screen.

Pros Cons
It has a touch screen. It is very expensive.
It has a semi-auto bed leveling. It has a smaller build volume.
It has an integrated camera.  
For exhaust, it has air Carbon filters.  
Extremely easy to use.  
With very little troubleshooting reliable and high-quality prints.  
  • QIDI TECH X-Max 3D Printer

Build volume: 300 x 250 x 300 mm | Layer Resolution: 100 micron | Filament diameter: 1.75 mm | Print Speed: 50mm/s

The X-Max 3D Printer makes the little-known 3D printer company QIDI TECH hit home. They challenging the industry and create new changes. Starting with its badass name the X-Max has got a lot of success for it.

         It has not a super long name, not a code for anything, and no numbers. It also has a massive builds volume. The resolution is pretty reputable. It takes less time in finishing and touching up prints and this is really good news for cosplay fans.

Pros Cons
It has a large volume. The speed of printing is slow.
It is consistent and ideal for creating prototypes. Final surface quality can be sub-par.
It has WiFi proficiencies for remote printing. It has a bulky and large overall area.
It has an air filter for purifying. It can be costly for some.
It is really quiet.  
It has a great print bed.  
It is totally enclosed.  
It has two interchangeable extrudes.  
  • Monoprice Maker Select PLUS 3D Printer

Build volume: 200 x 200 x 180 mm | Layer Resolution: 100 micron | Filament diameter: 1.75 mm | Print Speed: 150 mm/s

         The Monoprice Maker Select PLUS has a ton of great selling points and is a great choice for cosplaying. It uses the same drives and frame as in Prusa i3 MK2S so it is naturally a reliable unit. This model of 3D Printer comes with a touchscreen that makes it actually easy to use.

         The good thing about the PLUS is it has a touchscreen and it is surely infrequent for a budget printer. You can print using a ton of different filaments because it has an aluminum heated bed. The build volume of PLUS is also small as compared to the other 3D printers for cosplay. Instead, it has a decent size.   

Pros Cons
It is an abundant budget printer. It has noise.
It has an easy setup. It is slower than others.
It is easy to use. The community is absent as compared to other printers.
It has an aluminum heated bed. The parts are growing sparser.
The quality of the print is great.  
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