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5 Best Slicers For Your 3D Printer

5 Best Slicers For Your 3D Printer

Since 3D printing is useful in many ways, it is equally popular. The printing is fun, and it is a wonderful experience watching your favorite craft making in front of your eyes.

Point to be noted that the innovative 3D printing process comprises of several necessary tools, including the 3D printer and model. But the process is incomplete without the instrumental piece to the puzzle – the slicer.

The slicer in 3D printing is an essential component, and you may know about it. However, if you are unaware of it, let us clear the puzzle for you. A 3D printing slicer is software capable of preparing the chosen 3D model for your printer by generating G-codes. 

Technically, G-code itself is a whole concept. However, we will briefly portray its image like a programming language called Numerical Control (NC), a widely-used programming language.

Best Slicers For Your Printer

Now when you have a clear idea of what slicing software is, let’s have a look at the best slicers for your 3D printer. We have compiled this list based on their ergonomics and reviews of users. 

Let’s get started:

1. Cura

The position Cura has in 3D printing; no other slicing software can have. The reason is the update that the manufacturer, Ultimaker, is bringing. Cura is among the best slicers for your 3D printer with a plethora of features. 

You can provide various file formats for printing, such as 3MF, STL, and OBJ. The best part is that if any files show errors, Cura will troubleshoot and repair them. 

Moreover, you can view the toolpath along with the estimated time of printing and material estimate. And the updates are keeping it ahead among the competitors.


  • Great for everyone – Experts and Novices
  • Fast graphical user interface with some walkarounds for dual material prints
  • Handle huge STL files faster
  • Free of cost and easy-to-use
  • OS: Mac, Windows, Linux


Time estimates for nitpicking sometimes elevate by about 10 to 20 %

2. Netfabb

Setting a certain layer height for the print is what's most important. Using slicing software, you have the opportunity to select a layer that determines the resolution and expected processing time for your project.

A 3D scan, 3D printing, or the design of a specific object may be required. Meshmixer can be of great help. For 3D meshes, it's like a "Swiss Army Knife."

Being the powerful and wonderful slicing software for 3D printers, you get plenty of outstanding features. For instance, you can analyze, edit, and repair an STL file before the slicing stage.


  • Wonderful Slicing software for 3D printers with a plethora of features
  • Edit and repair your 3D model for the finest printing
  • The analysis functions aid you to diagnose and troubleshoot problems
  • Great for everyone due to simple use and print viewing on printer platen
  • OS: Windows

3. PrusaSlicer

PrusaSlicer is an open-source and free slicer with many advanced features and specs for any level user. Specifically, this slicer is an excellent choice for both FDM and SLA/DLP 3D printers.

The best part is that Prusa is facile and allows you to edit and repair models. Be it a beginner or an expert, Prusa will offer you a customized experience.


  • Great for perfect 3D prints 
  • Perfectly suitable and fit for people owning Prusa printer 
  • Free of cost with many features for detail printing
  • OS: Mac, Windows, Linux


Users may find trouble creating prints with printers other than Prusa

4. Simplify3D

Are you an expert in 3D printing? This slicer is perfect for you! The best feature of this slicing software is the import of various printers profiles. However, if you can’t find a profile, you can create yours manually. 

With fast features, such as import, scale, and repair, you can alter 3D models according to your preferences.


  • Filled with features without feeling overwhelmed using it
  • Outstanding documentation quality 
  • The editable support is best for experts
  • OS: Mac, Windows


A paid tool costing you about $150

5. OctoPrint

While OctoPrint is not a specialized slicer, it’s a sort of nifty software that hosts your printer and supports you to control every feature from your browser. With trusted CuraEngine, it’s an integrated 3D slicer software. 

It means that you don’t need to send files to your computer. Rather send them to the printer and let it handle the rest.


  • Free and completely open-source software
  • Best for intermediate and experts users of 3D printing
  • Powerful plugin system with extended functionality and compatibility
  • Your printer accessibility right from your browser with this slicer
  • OS: Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi


A sort of not a specialized 3D slicing software

Factors Of The Best Slicer

An essential part of the guide is the slicer's crucial factors that make it the best among the competition? We have listed a few of them to draw a clear concept in your mind that will help you uplift your 3D printing experience.

User Experience

It doesn’t matter how advanced or greater software you have unless you don’t know how to use it. Therefore, slicing software with an amazing features guide is worth the time and money.


As speed is inversely related to the time taken for printing, right? It implies that a slicer that quickly imports 3D printer files, such as STL files, is great in saving your time.

Alert And Warning

It is a fact that the printing process sometimes may confront an issue. However, an excellent slicing software features the ability to warn alert you about the error and, if necessary, can troubleshoot it for you. Consequently, it saves your time and trash failed prints.

Preciseness And Accuracy

The automatically generated support of slicing software helps you print a 3D model with high accuracy and preciseness. Accuracy is essential in prints, especially those with wide-angle curves and over the bridges.


Price matters a lot. The slicing software needs to provide value in return for the money you pay. Though some slicing software is free, they offer better performance.


The secret code of great 3D printing lies in 3D slicer software. If you want to drive better results, the use of excellent slicing software will support you. 

So, our top picks will help you choose the right software according to your expertise and needs. 

On the contrary, a bad or a low-end slicer will lead to misprints and many 3D printing problems.

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