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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before 3D Printing Props

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before 3D Printing Props

Just like any other technology, one cannot know everything about 3D printing and its props from the onset. But there are some facts that if one gets to know, would be very helpful and valuable. The truth is that I have been into 3D printing props for quite some time now, and I can confidently highlight important things I wish I knew before 3D printing props. In this expository content, I would be taking you through five salient things I wished I knew before 3D printing props. They would be very helpful in your journey as well. Please follow through.

  1. As a beginner, 3D printing is harder than it looks on the surface: This is one incredibly true reality about 3D printing props I wish I knew before. You see, you watch a lot of fancy videos of 3D professionals explaining and showcasing how to go about 3D printing and all. But I must tell you, it is quite hard as I beginner. Don’t get me wrong though. I am not saying that 3D printing props would forever be hard to master. But it would be hard getting a hang of it since you are just starting. The 3D printing technology is still very much not beginner-simplified, so, a beginner would find it hard.

3D printers are very fragile and complex in their build. It takes a whole lot of time and use to master your 3D printer. When you newly get into 3D printing, you have to be careful with the components of your 3D printer, they can develop issues under the slightest mishandling(s). More so, there are various software and technologies attributed to particular 3D printing systems. You must be up to speed with these software and technologies if you are to bring out the best results from your 3D printing. A very peculiar process you are most likely to find difficult is 3D scaling. The process is very tedious and sensitive. You have to get your scaling right if you want the best results. I can not remember how many times I have had to adjust my 3D scaling. Had to tweak and tweak again until I got it right. Yes, if anyone told you 3D printing props was going to be very easy, a big misrepresentation I must say. It’s not going to be easy at all, you would face challenges. So, brace up!

  1. You are going to get a lot of wrong prints! This might look like I am a prophet of doom or something, but it is the truth. It is better when you brace up to face reality than try to evade it. If you are going to perfect your art of 3D printing, your prints would fail a lot at first. Many delicate 3D printing settings take a lot of time to master, you cannot master all at once. For example, the Z-hub settings are something you can easily make a mistake with. Once you make the slightest mistake with your Z-hub, it affects other important systems like the support system.

 Once the support system of your 3D print is taken off, you prints would look bad because it would be printing over the air. Your prints them come out warped and distorted. Another frequent possibility is you forgetting to change your printing filament. This affects the detailing and shaping of your prints.

Printer malfunction is another thing. The truth is that 3D printers are very fragile and sensitive in their build. As a beginner, there are some settings you cannot master immediately which would most likely lead to your 3D printer malfunctioning.

Nonetheless, do not be let down. You are going to get it right. All it takes is frequent study and printing practice. Be prepared that you are going to have a lot of failed prints, but you would definitely get it right.

  1. You would get what you pay for in 3D printing files:3D printing files are used to program your printing formats and models. There are a whole lot of free files out there, but the difference is in the cost. Starting 3D printing, you would most likely want to go for the free 3D printing files. Of course, they do work. But in the long run, you would come to appreciate purchasing 3D files.

You see, many details and specifications are peculiar to particular 3D printers which free 3D files do not take into a note. Free 3D printing files are usually generalized in their compositions and build. The formats and printing models are usually built using regular interface models. Now, your 3D printer is very likely to have a particular interface(s) not catered for in the generalized interface of free 3D files.

This is why it is always better to purchase 3D printing files; you would get what you pay for. All you have to do is to check the interface detailing of your printing software to know which file to purchase exactly. Another problem here is figuring out who has the best files for you. You can buy a file today and it does not work well. Do not be let down. It is only a matter of time before you know what works best for your 3D printer and your 3D printing purpose(s). I have gone through this stage, having to test a lot of files. My files are not perfect either, there are quite a handful that needs to be fixed. But I would not charge you a notable amount of money without having my prices on my website and giving you reasonable quality at least. You get quality STL files for different models and sculptures.

  1. There is more to 3D printing after you print: Your 3D prints might look good when it comes to the height and detail specifications, but you would get to the stage where you would want to add extra touches to get particular physical results. What am I saying here? Even after we finish printing and the model looks good, some of us might want to go further by adding some materials to achieve particular glossy and shiny effects. Some of us would want to add materials like XTC-3D to achieve those glossy effects. It boils down to extra detailing that would make a 3D print stand out.

Apart from this, there is also the process of sanding. Many might wonder, why is this important? The truth is that it is not compulsory to sand, but it is important to have smooth and fine prints. There are times when your filament is overfilled and it leaves particles on your prints after printing. It is through sanding, you can take out those particles and make your prints smooth. Even in the event where there is no overfill, sanding gives your prints smooth and fine appearance(s).

So, it is very obvious that a lot of work still has to be done after printing if you are to achieve a good-looking print. 3D prints that have smooth and well-detailed surfaces are much appreciated and of higher value than mediocre ones. This is why there is quite some work to do even after printing. Take note!

  1. All efforts are definitely worth it! If you have been following me all through this expository content of 3D printing props, you would have noticed that quite a handful of efforts are put in before and after printing 3D models. For you to get quality and detailed 3D prints, you have to put in concerted effort to ascertain the quality of your 3D files among others. All these are more than enough efforts on their own, not to talk of efforts after printing. Now, the questions are, are they worth it? Would it just be nice if I go for mediocrity in my 3D printing? Do I need to go through all that stress?

It is worth it! It would not be nice to go for mediocrity at all. Apart from the unquestionable value that would get accrued to your 3D prints, the inner joy and satisfaction you derive are second to none. It is quite hard to fathom. That feeling when you take a look at the quality you have made in your 3D prints. The smooth finishes, unique glossiness, quality detailing and all; the glee and ecstasy would be evident. You best understand this when you have gone through it, honestly.

I want you to experience such joy which is why I do not get tired of giving you informational contents on how to go about quality 3D printing generally. This is why I give free 3D files that should ordinarily be paid for. One thing I can assure you of, you would enjoy the journey!


It is now evident that you would not find 3D printing very easy, but as time goes on it becomes an enjoyable part of you. This content has exposed you to five important things that would assist you in getting up to speed with the 3D printing process. Go through this piece again, pick what you did not pick at first. It is all worth it!

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