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Best 3D design apps for ipad in 2022

Best 3D design apps for ipad in 2022

Modern technologies have transformed every difficult task into a convenient one within your hand. One of the brightest examples of these useful inventions is 3D printing. No matter, what your age, experience, or technical information level is, there are countless ways to convert your 3D designs using your computer, tablet, or mobile.

Mobile iPad or tablets are designed for convenient portability and multi-tasking. Now, 3D printing is getting mobile, and you can easily find the best 3d design apps for iPad, mobiles, and other compatible devices. Just search 3d design apps for iPad and you will find countless apps with amazing features.

However, all of them are not the same and also easy to use. It is essential to choose the apps that offer great features and easy usability for user’s convenience. Don’t worry because we have selected these 5 best 3D design apps for IPad users. Take a look at these and select the best one for your needs.

5 Best 3D design Apps for IPad

1. Morphi

Quick Features

  • Price both Free and Paid versions available.
  • Compatibility iPad and Mac, Windows (in beta)
  • Language English

One of the simplest and most powerful 3d design apps for iPad, this app doesn’t need any mouse or Wi-Fi connection to draft 3D designs. Just open the app after installing and start designing. You can use Morphi to create designs for animation, graphic design, and game designs. An appealing aspect of the app is that it can be used by anyone to sketch, visualize, explain ideas, and teach.
Featuring power CAD tools, this 3D design app for iPad allows you to create designs without logins and an internet connection. You can conveniently use important 3D models from other 3D modeling applications. It also has the ability to export STL and OBJ files.
If you don’t know where to start, Morphi offers pre-loaded 3D models for beginners. Just use your fingers to draw 3D objects, cut or paste objects, and merge objects. Last but not least, this iPad app has an auto save function that saves your work automatically.


  • Robust CAD tools
  • 3D libraries that offer shapes, texts, and colors
  • Comes with pre-loaded 3D models
  • Needs no internet connection and logins
  • Conveniently import 3D models from other 3D modeling apps


  • You need some time to learn the app

2. Shapr3D- Best Parametric Tool

Shapr3D- Best Parametric Tool

Quick Features

  • Compatibility iOS
  • Language English
  • Price $19.99/month

Specially created for iPad, this 3D sketch app provides desktop-quality expertise in a mobile format. You can seamlessly create professional 3D models anytime with this powerhouse. Due to its intuitive direct modeling, power, and quality, it is one of the best 3d design apps for iPad.
Thanks to the constraints, grid, and dimensions, the app allows you to create intricate technical drawings. You can also important 3D models and drawings from CAD apps and easily refine them using Shapr3D. Just use your fingers or an Apple pencil to influence the model.
It is a perfect choice for parametric modeling. Shapr3Dd can design seamlessly with or without an internet connection. Besides important, this 3D design app for IPad allows you to export 3D models and drawings to other CAD apps to get your desired results. Shapr3D is best for professional engineers, jewelry makers, architects, and industrial designers.


  • Only compatible with iOS apps

3. uMake


Quick Features

  • Compatibility iOS devices
  • Language English
  • Price $149/year

Whether you are taking the first steps in 3D designing or a Pro, it’s now easier than ever to create your ideas with this best 3d design app for iPad.   This award-winning next-generation tool is simple yet powerful for making and modifying 3D designs and drawings. It comes with powerful features of Desktop CAD software with convenient usage of both iPhone and iPad.
You can quickly create your ideas and concept within minutes. It comes with Sketch planes, which are corresponding to the camera position. Such core elements allow you to sketch in 3D space by defining a particular point in space. It allows users to import a photo, control curves, weight, and color, and quicken the creation by live symmetry and mirroring.
The app provides to extrude and revive the surface. uMake features a powerful graphics engine that allows for applying materials and textures conveniently. Additionally, the app also has a content library, which allows enjoying readymade 3D objects, creating 3D design simpler along with fast operation.


  • Fast modeling
  • Sketch precise lines to enhance the design
  • Easily change the background.
  • Best for both beginners and experts
  • Comes with rich Content Library


  • Only for iOS users

4. Onshape


Quick Features

  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
  • Price Free
  • Languages German, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

On shape is another fabulous 3D design app that allows you to share, create, and modify 3D mechanical CAD models. Designed to aid businesses to modernize the product design procedure, this app combines collaboration tools, CAD, data management, and real time analytics to provide you with a great 3D design experience.
This complete cloud 3D modeling app allows convenient teamwork. One of the best things about the Onshape app is that it has a relatively short learning curve. Even an individual with basic CAD knowledge can navigate the app without any hassle.
Create, edit, and view from any mobile or computer design with this excellent 3D design app. Onshape for iOS comes with Apple Pencil support for more intuitive sketching, precise sketching, and easy navigation. However, you have to keep an eye out for updates from the Apple App store because it is updated every week with many new features and user-requested improvements.


  • Short learning curve
  • Regular updates on the app
  • Runs on multiple platforms
  • Ideal for professional designers and engineers working in teams
  • Features inbuilt PDM


  • Need internet connection
  • Lack of organic CAM features

5. 3D Creationist

3D Creationist

Quick Features

  • Compatibility iOS, Android, and Desktop.
  • Price Free
  • Language English

One of the easiest iOS apps for 3D designing, the 3D creationist comes with an intuitive modeling interface for small mobiles and allows you to browse through different publically available models. Besides this, the app is an excellent tool to upload any of them to your projects. Whether it is iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, it provides your superior quality results and, above all, absolutely free.
One of the most appealing features of 3D creationist is its easy usability. Both professional and new 3D designers can use them easily and enjoy lots of fun. You can quickly build anything such as a plane, car, snowman, fort, coffee cup, cartoon characters, and much more.
If you are a beginner, then this is a perfect match to polish your designing skills. Just add a basic shape, tap on it, a select tool to scale, move or rotate, select a shape, and export your project into the desired format.


  • Available for iOS, Android, and Desktop
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive modeling interface
  • Short learning curve


  • Best for both beginners and experts


Modern technologies are transforming architecture quickly, and 3D designing is a prominent example of this transformation. Smart phones, tablets, and desktops, everyone is using this preferred to create the best 3D designs. There are thousands of iOS and Android apps available on the market, but selecting the best one can be quite tough. All you need is to consider your skill level,

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