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Best Metal 3D Printers

Best Metal 3D Printers

Although Metal 3D printing has been around for a while, it is gaining increasing popularity and demand. This is probably due to its proven usefulness in various industries. Almost every industry that deals with metal have one way or the other benefited from the application of metal 3D printers.

What Is a Metal 3D Printer?

Metal 3D printer uses additive technology to create parts from digital models using a layer-by-layer method. This method allows you to effectively and quickly recreate functional prototypes with less material and time. Manufacturers often offer branded technologies, but 3D metal printers are based on the following technologies:

  • Binder jetting
  • Direct energy deposition
  • Direct metal laser sintering
  • Metal deposition technologies

Best Metal 3D Printers

There are various metal 3D printers in the market. However, only a thorough understanding can help you pick the best for your business. This segment of the article will cover the best metal 3D printers for you. 

1.     Desktop Metal Studio 2

Suppose you are looking for a 3d metal printer that offers impeccable quality and speed, then the desktop metal studio 2 is a great option for you. It is a large printer with 300x 200x 200mm (HWD) build volume. Desktop Metal Studio 2 allows you to create large with ease. In addition, it works with a three-component system; furnace, printer, and debinter for smooth functioning. 

An interesting fact about Desktop Metal Studio 2 is that it comes with a user-friendly interface. In addition, users can see the exact tool paths. The printing speed is about 16cm^3 per hour. More so, this printer comes with a single jet passing technology that allows you to create complex designs in a time-saving manner. 

Furthermore, the Desktop Metal Studio 2 operation system is based on inkjet powder rather than the popular laser system. It works with fused deposition modeling. There is a software-managed workflow organization to make the 3D printing process automated every step of the way. In addition, it offers a proprietary separable support technology.


  • A great option for efficient and fast 3D printing at a low cost
  • Suitable for big companies that opt for mass production


  • Quite a large machine, therefore it occupies a lot of space
  • Moving this machine around poses a great challenge due to its size

2.     Markforged Metal X 3D Printer

This printer has a build volume of 300 x 220x 180 mm. A great choice for affordable 3D printers with geometrical accuracy. It is based on atomic diffusion additive manufacturing technology, which resembles FDM 3D printing. Markforged works with a bound metal powder rod situated in a plastic filament. 

Thanks to its technology, it is a great speed 3D printer that you can use to create a completely enclosed structure. One distinct feature of Markforged Metal X is its 50-micron layer height. This makes it easy to use in printing large metal parts. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable printer with high ease of usability, you should try out Markforged Metal X.

It is incorporated with the Markforged propriety software (Eiger), which offers real-time efficient production management. This software is compatible with various browsers such that you can easily import computer-aided designs to the machine. Markforged Metal X printer does not utilize powder management systems. This allows for the fast production of print. In addition, it works with a two-component post-printing system that is time-saving.


  • A fast 3D printer that allows you to design parts in only 48 hours
  • It features a replaceable print
  • Comes with a compact footprint


  • Consumes high power voltage

3.     Sciaky EBAM 300 3D Printer

Sciaky EBAM (Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing) is a printer of choice for industrial and commercial purposes. Industries such as dentistry, jewelry, aerospace, among others, highly benefit from this machine. 

In addition, this is easily the biggest 3D printer in the market. According to the manufacturers, it can produce a metal part of about 10 feet in length within 48 hours. 

Although it is an expensive 3D printer, the quality of the product is worth it. Sciaky EBAM offers a unique printing experience for metal parts and prototypes. 

A significant feature of this printer is the IRISS process control technology. This offers improved control over geometry. The print-out is often accurate to reduce metal wastage. In addition, the machine can create metal types and make repairs on designs. 


  • The printer comes assembled, which saves you the stress of putting it together.
  • A great option for making ultra- quality metal components
  • Offers the biggest build volume 
  • Extremely fast speed of production


  • This printer is quite pricey therefore small businesses may not be able to afford it

4.     Concept Laser XLine 1000R

Concept Laser XLine 1000R has a build volume of 630 x 400 x 500 mm. This high-precision laser builds accurate and quality metal parts. Concept Laser XLine 1000R uses a laser strength of 1000 watts. This allows users to work at a rate of about 65cm^3 per hour. It is packed with exciting features that increase productivity. Thus, it is an excellent 3D printer for industrial purposes.

Although it comes at an expensive price, the benefits make it worth the hype. In addition, the Concept Laser XLine 1000R has a touch screen interface. This allows users to manipulate the settings of the printer easily. 

Furthermore, users can work with various metals like silver alloys, stainless steel, gold, nickel-based alloy, and other alloys. It comes with a LaserCUSING process for designing lightweight prints efficiently. In addition, it can develop metal parts that weigh about 1000kg at a time.  


  • Suitable for creating complex geometries
  • High printing speed and quality 
  • Caters to the 3D printing needs of various industries
  • Users can conveniently and effectively create huge metal parts


  • Highly expensive
  • A bulky 3D printer that demands a lot of storage space
  • Inappropriate for a small firm or personal use

5.     Arcam EBM Spectra L

The Arcam EBM Spectra L works with electron beaming technology to improve the efficiency of 3D printing. It comes with a build volume of 350 x 430 mm. In addition, it is suitable for effective and accurate printing of Copper and Titanium. 

Furthermore, this printer is fitted with a 4.5kW beam power to optimize its speed by 20%. It is fitted with auto beam calibration, making it suitable for heavy geometric printing. More so, you can use it for 3D printing that is delicate or requires extra care in handling. 

A significant feature of this 3D printer is an upgraded data analysis. It helps users make decisions towards better designs and developments in the future. This amazing feature makes the Arcam EBM indispensable in the quality production of metal components. An added advantage of this printer is its compatibility with the Arcam EBM PRS 30.


  • Saves time and cost of production
  • Better quality than other EBM printers
  • Produces consistent beams
  • Comes with speed irrespective of its large build volume


  • Low accuracy, therefore, needs post-processing

6.     XJet Carmel 700M

The XJet Carmel 700M is an interesting 3D printer incorporating patented NanoParticle Jetting. This technology is five times faster than those in other 3D printers. It is applied in producing precise metal parts, flexible designs, impossible geometrical designs.

In addition, this 3D printer has a build volume of 500 x 280mm. Therefore, users can simultaneously print a large number of metal or ceramic parts. 

The XJet Carmel 700M has the Autodesk Netfabb Standard software tools. Another salient feature is the touch screen interface, which makes this printer user-friendly. This 3D printer is easy to operate and control during designing and construction. These features help users manage workflow for improved convenience.


  • Impeccable operational simplicity
  • Precise accuracy minimizes waste of materials
  • Highly efficient 3D printer
  • Compatible with metal and ceramics materials
  • Does not require support structures 


  • This 3D printer uses new and highly expensive technology.

7.     Fabrisonic SonicLayer 4000

Fabrisonic SonicLayer 4000 has a build volume of 1016 x 610 x 610 mm. The table size of this 3D printer is 44 x 24 inches. It incorporates an ultrasound additive manufacturing technology. Suppose you are looking for a 3D printer to create difficult designs and complex geometries, then Fabrisonic may be the right choice.

It works by using ultrasonic sounds to create a three-dimensional shape with a series of metal foils. This eradicates the need for high temperature, as seen in other 3D printers. In addition, the use of the Fabrisonic SonicLayer 4000 3D printer reduces the overall time and cost of production. This is because they eradicate the need for post-processing in metal parts.

Furthermore, the Fabrisonic SonicLayer 4000 3D printer works with G-code programming. This allows user to select their preferred software- either CAD or CAM. Purchasing this 3D printer enables you to work with various metals and their alloys to generate a brilliant end-product.


  • Perfect for printing large metal parts
  • The products and design are incredibly accurate 
  • Smooth finishes on metal components
  • Reduced print time, which optimizes profit for large scale production


  • A very expensive 3D printer
  • Not a great choice for fine organic structure


Some may argue that 3D printing is an expensive option. When compared to the traditional alternatives, the differences in accuracy and speed are overwhelming. In addition, 3D printers prevent wastage in the design and construction of metal parts. When constructing customized metal parts, 3D printing is the best alternative. These metal 3D printers we’ve outlined will give you the best experience as you dabble into the exciting world of 3D metal printing.

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