The Ender 3 really is a “bang for your buck” printer, and it is hard to find another that can give you high quality prints straight out of the box.

However, the Ender 3 is not perfect. The good news is, there are plenty of simple upgrades that you can do to get the most out of this printer.

We have separated the best upgrades into two sections:

Ready to take a look at the upgrades?

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Best Printable Improvements for Your Ender 3

Board fan guard. On the Ender 3, the mainboard fan is located directly under the build plate, and this means that filament pieces can easily fall in and damage the fan or the board. The board fan guard can prevent this from ever happening.

Where to get it: Thingiverse

.Filament guide Are you looking for a more consistent feed rate and less skipping? Try a filament guide. This guide holds the filament away from the feeder, which gives you a more consistent feed rate and less skipping. Another cool thing? It snaps directly to the side of the upper support.

Where to get it: Thingiverse

Bowden tube shims. Having issues with print quality because your bowden tube keeps popping out of place? These bowden tube shims pressure fit to the tube and prevent it from shifting or popping out while you print.

Where to get it: Thingiverse

Beeper silencer. I am sure you have noticed how loud the Ender 3 beeps when you navigate the menu interface. If this beep is too loud like it is for most people, you can install a little silencer that can help minimize the beep.

Where to get it: Thingiverse

Best Purchasable Improvements for Your Ender 3

Silent mainboard v1.1.5. When it comes to noise on your Ender 3, there are two main sources: the fans and the drivers that run your stepper motors.

That whirling noise you have become so fond of? That is caused by the cheap stepper motor drivers on the stock Ender 3. There is a fix for this noise though, and that is the Creality Silent Mainboard v1.1.5.

This board directly replaces your current Ender 3 mainboard and upgrades your printer to silent TMC2208 stepper motor drivers. These upgraded stepper motors also improve the quality of your prints.

Where to get it: Amazon 

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OctoPrint. This upgrade drastically improves your overall printing experience and allows you to never have to load or start prints from an SD card ever again.

Though this upgrade doesn’t improve your overall print quality, it does save you time and headache.

The OctoPrint is essentially a library that runs on a Raspberry Pi computer. When you want to print something, you just log into the interface on your computer. The interface lets you control your printer, start and stop prints, and even monitor your printer remotely using a camera.

Where to get it: You are going to need a few different supplies to get you started with OctoPrint. You can find an comprehensive guide to installing OctoPrint here.

BLTouch auto-leveling sensor. Bed leveling is one of the most annoying chores when it comes to 3D printing. Nothing is worse than starting a print and then realizing after the fact that you forgot to relevel the bed. This is where the BLTouch sensor comes in.

The BLTouch sensor uses a small probe to build a mesh of points at the beginning of your print to determine how unlevel your bed is. When you are printing, the BLTouch takes the points into account and alters each GCODE instruction as needed to account for any unlevel areas.

Where to get it: Amazon

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Though the Ender 3 is great on its own, there are a few upgrades you can make to improve your print quality and overall experience. From printable upgrades like the filament guide, to purchasable upgrades like OctoPrint, there are a lot of options for you to choose from that can make your Ender 3 better than ever before.