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Can You 3D Print Airsoft Masks

Can You 3D Print Airsoft Masks

Airsoft is a hobby that people mostly like to do in their spare time. Thousands and millions of people enjoy this because it is a great hobby. But to make your own convention Airsoft weapons and if you want to do so then fit seamlessly with your LARP, Cosplay, or Military Sims game? 

         Moreover, many people started to make such exciting and amazing Airsoft weapons. This all is done by combining 3D printing with Airsoft to create exclusive and thrilling weapons that stand out from the crowd.

Why Do People 3d Print Airsoft Parts?

In fact, Airsoft is considered a fun hobby. But, if you could customize your airsoft gun to make it uniquely yours respectively. This type of 3D printing permits you to make any design with full freedom. Moreover, 3D printing allows you complete liberty to design and make your own Airsoft parts to completely convert the look of your Airsoft rifle.

It looks exactly like your favorite Cosplay character’s weapon whether you want to make it. Also, it recreates an exact model of a historical weapon for your LARP game. With a 3D printer, you can do it all, design your own futuristic airsoft sci-fi weapon.

Can You Really 3D Print Functional Airsoft Guns?

For modifying all the external parts of an Airsoft gun 3D printing is perfect to do so. But it can’t make the mechanism that fires the projectile. It is possible to print all the other parts you need for a functional airsoft gun other than the parts of the firing mechanism like the motor, spring, hop-up unit, and O-rings as well.

If you are willing to put in the effort of course you can print an almost complete Airsoft rifle.

What Airsoft Parts Can You 3D Print?

Why should use 3D printing? One of the main reasons for Airsoft is for making upgrades and spares for your existing airsoft collection. However, in almost any accessory you can think of, you can 3D print grips, muzzles, scopes, suppressors, hop-ups, magwells, top rail, upper receiver.

How about flash holders, Carbine kits, Excited? There is a rapidly growing community around people sharing their designs for Airsoft accessories. So, you can simply download, frequently for free, other people’s designs and print them and have no need to design your parts from scrape.

Moreover, you can evolve existing designs too and this is a very great thing. Before 3D printing, you can rapidly learn how to import a file into a free CAD program like Blender or TinkerCAD and squeeze it for your needs.

3D Print Airsoft Masks

Where Can I Find Airsoft Parts To 3D Print?

You have to need to give it a file of 3D model data to start your 3D printer making Airsoft parts. There are three main ways to get Airsoft model files:

  1. Download Airsoft Model Files:

         Where you can download whichever free or paid for Airsoft models, there are several places present online. and Airsoft3D on Shapeways are the two most popular places to find premium Airsoft models.

         In order to download a variety of free models, you can get them from There are hundreds of models available to download and print present on all of these sites currently.

2. Design Your Own Airsoft Parts:

         To design your own Airsoft accessories without limitations, you can use a CAD package such as Tinkercad or 3DBuilder if you are feeling creative. On Thingiverse, you can then share your design if you are feeling generous. Therefore by doing this other Airsoft players can use your model.

3. Scan your existing Airsoft parts:

         You can rapidly scan your existing Airsoft parts if you have a 3D scanner or a 3D printer with a built-in scanner. Also, you can edit them if required and then print them on your 3D printer. Making spares or replacing damaged parts can be a great way that might otherwise mean the death of your gun.

Best Filament For 3D Printing Airsoft

PLA filament is the most commonly used 3D printing material. This filament is very cheap and easy to print with. But in spite of this quality, it is not as strong as the ABS plastic. Most of the Airsoft parts are made from ABS plastic. Definitely, you can use PLA for many Airsoft parts but you need to create. But in order to make them strong enough, you must have to use some engineering knowledge.

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