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Coolest 3D Printed Dog Toys

Coolest 3D Printed Dog Toys

The bond between the owner and the Pet is like no other- they always remain companions to each other no matter what situation life puts them through. If you love pets, then you may know what it's like to have a best friend, your go-to buddy. 

Do you ever feel like you don't give much attention to your dog, or you come back late from work feeling lethargic, while your dog is full of enthusiasm?. You feel bad for not spending enough time with your favorite companion- that infuriates you.

Or are you at home, sitting on your couch, and want to have some fun with your dogs but don't have enough activities to enjoy”: It's okay, we have your back. So if you love your furry pets and you want to do something interesting and exciting for them, have a look at some ideas below. 

Despite, the abundance of 3D printing ideas from our day-to-day use, we have accentuated some eminent cool stuff that you can play with your furry little fellows. 
But, make sure when that you use food-safe filaments for your pets when printing their toys as they will use it. And you don't want to harm them, don't you? Here is a brief introduction to make some amazing accessories and toys for your favorite buddies. Let us get to the main stuff!

Some Amazing and Cool Stuff for your Furries

1. Circular Ring Tracks

This print is one of the great ways for your dogs to entertain themselves when you are away at work. It has a circular track which is a great way to play shoot ball. Your dog will throw the ball in one direction, and it will slip away in the track, great entertainment for your buddy.

The design is easy to create but may require some time as the track comes in fifteen parts. According to the designer, hemocyanin, infill must be 25% with a layer height of 0.2mm for great results. 
Multiple designs at Thingiverse are available if you want to print one. There are 25 makes for this product, and it's also safe for your dogs to consume if they decide not to chew it.

2. Spherical Balls/Toys

You know how much your fellas love to chase little things around the house, this will be a perfect target for them, that will keep them busy. A simple design to increase your dog's playtime! 

You can print your multiple designs of spherical shapes and toys according to your preferences. The print can be very doable and doesn't need any support. The designer, Pmeows, has recommended printing at 0.3mm resolution with a raft. 

Moreover, it's perfectly safe for your pets, and you can get the design from Thingiverse. The designer has 549 designs from which you can select the best ones.

3. Ball Scoop Launcher

Dogs are full of energy and require stuff that thrills them or makes them more energetic.

But nothing to worry about as we have the way to make your fellas get all the attention they need. 

The Ball scoop is a great way to energize your dog by scooping all the balls out and making your fellas fetch after it. This is useful when you want to get rid of that pent-up energy: an ideal entertainment.
If you have a good-quality printer, then it's easy to print the large design. The designer, Lloyd Bolts, has multiple designs that can be downloaded from Thingiverse. Plus, these designs are completely safe for your fellas.

4. Frisbees

Frisbee is a great 3D printing toy for your entire family! The amazing 3D disk can be a classic game of fetch for your dog that it will like a lot. The print for frisbee is easy to make as compared to other toys.

It's also one of the great spinning exercises for your pet as it will maintain their energy level by making them fit and healthy. 

If you like to go for a run with your dog, then frisbee is a great traditional game that you can play. You just have to spin it, and your dog will fetch it to bring it back to you again. This is too funny and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it too.

The designer, StuffbyRyan, recommends 10-100% infill. More than 100 users have downloaded it and are satisfied with the results. You can get the design from my mini factory. The Product is safe for your dogs and can be chewed too if created from sturdy material.

5. Cute Photo Enhancers or Name Tags

If you are a person who loves aesthetics, then you may want to print out cute name tags or accessorize that makes your dog look lovely. Or if you want some cool pictures, but your dog won't pay attention to the camera, print some enhancers to get its attention.

Here's an easy solution to maintain your dog's focus: print some toys and add some treats to them.  The design is really easy to print with PLA filament. 

You can also print cute name tags with some safe filaments to make your dog look charming. Or some people may like to print multiple accessorize for their little furries.

The designer, chuckrokZ, recommended only 10% infill with zero support required. Moreover, 150 people have downloaded this design, and it is safe to use. You can get the design from my mini factory.

6. The Floating Toy

This is an ideal toy for your dog while he is swimming. It provides him the ability to fetch while you are playing water sports games.

The shape of this design is a bit complex but the designer, Ashley Cawley, has recommended printing it at 20% infill with no support required.

The intricate pattern on the side of the floating toy has made it a bit difficult to print but we can avoid that by using a well-calibrated printer. 

You can get more designs of this product on Thingiverse with over hundreds of views and downloads from people worldwide. But it's a great activity to spend a holiday with your little Budd. 

Cults is a marketplace that brings together all the suppliers and the people who need designs to make products. You can also get some interesting designs from this marketplace for your pet animals. 

Moreover, you can also make some money by selling your design patterns on the website, if you decide to customize some of them for your animals.


It becomes more interesting when you have to make a 3D printing toy rather than purchase it from the market. This provides satisfaction that you have done something special for your pets and you don't take things for granted.

However, it may also depend upon the breed of the dog and which toy it will like a lot. If you have a big dog then it may like to fetch a frisbee, but the small ones can be more energetic and may want to do something different. 

You can also learn some fun facts about 3D printing or make customizable toys for your furries. This will be a great way to explore pets' likings and share a great bond with them. You can later share your ideas with Thingiverse and help other people around to create products for their loved ones.

Good luck with Printing!

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