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Coolest 3D Printing Tools

Coolest 3D Printing Tools

From Wall-climbing robots and Microscopic race cars to 3D-printed pizza and steak, the 3D printing industry has seen rapid growth over time. All these models have one thing in common, the use of 3D printing tools.

Whether you are a farmer, engineer, carpenter, or a farrier, you’ll need tools somewhere, or let’s say everywhere in your life. But do you know what is amazing about 3D printing? We can 3D print our own tools. 

Some of the important and highly useful 3D printing are highlighted below. However before we move ahead, let’s first have a look at the benefits of these tools.

Benefits of 3D Printing Tools 

In 2020, the global market size of the 3D printing industry was 12.6 billion USD. The 3D printing tools are one of the most significant reasons behind the accelerated growth of the 3D printing industry. These tools help us cut out both in cost and time. From nuts and bolts to large pieces, you’ll see 3D printing tools in every size. 3D printing and modeling tools are also used in special education.

There is a wide variety of tools used in 3D printing such as tweezers, print removal tools, pilers, adhesion sheets, screwdriver bits, and much more. However, there are a few tools that are not just efficient but make your 3D printing pretty fun and easy. Keeping that in mind, we have listed down the 10 coolest 3D printing tools that every 3D printing enthusiast should know about. 

So, get ready to be swamped by some fantastic 3D printing tools.  Now without further ado, let’s jump right into it! 

10 Coolest 3D Printing Tools

1. Allen Key Or Handle For Hex Key

In 3D printing, Hex key wrenches are usually used in installing components. This 3D printing tool was actually created to work with a hexagonal socket head. With six driving points, hexagonal keys are a lot less likely to strip and grip the hexagonal socket head better. 

However, working with these keys can be troublesome as they are made of steel and continuous work can loosen our grip on the key. To avoid this situation,  you can 3D print a handle for your Hex key. You can customize it as per your preferences. Just enter the specs in the customizer and your own handle for the hex key is all ready to be printed.

2. Digital Caliper

If you want to have fewer eyeballed measurements and more accurate results for your 3D printing, Digital Caliper is yet another must-have tool. This tool comes with a digital display that ensures that you don't get under or over-extrusion.

Also, with the help of Digital calipers,  you can perform dimensional tests on your printer. Based on the material and tolerance, there are some great Digital calipers out there. The filaments often vary in diameter, especially than what is advertised. These tools also help you check the accuracy of 3D printing filaments.

3. Cross Tweezers

Cross tweezers are used to hold wires, perform parts removal operations, and solder delicate parts. This set of tweezers doesn’t require any assembling. The main function of cross tweezers is to squeeze an object by leveraging the material’s natural rigidity.

To 3D print this tool, you have to come up with your own settings as there is no such 3D printer to make this tool. If you want to make strong tweezers, the use of high layer height and infill density is recommended.

4. 3D Scanner

It is estimated that by 2023, the global market size of 3D laser scanning can grow up to 25 billion USD. 3D Scanners are the most essential 3D printing tools.  This tool is what transforms your imagination into real-life objects. 3D scanners usually scan the digital format of a physical object with laser technology and then use this digitized model to create prototypes. These prototypes are later on printed into virtual 3D projects.

5. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a very useful tool in the 3D printing industry. You can transform Raspberry Pi into a miniature live-streaming and print monitoring device. Raspberry Pi can be used as an additional board in 3D printing to run multiple software such as OctoPrint- a web source that allows you to remotely monitor and control your 3D printers.

6. Wall Drilling Guide And Dust Collector

While drilling into a wall or surface, all the debris and dust can create a big mess. Therefore, this tool is very helpful as it not only collects all the dust with a bucket-like container but makes drilling on a perpendicular surface easy. 

The flat surface of this wall drilling tool makes it easy to align against a wall. However, make sure not to use this on a parallel surface as the tool can split in half due to the force applied. If you want to print this tool, you'll need your own slicer settings as there are not many tips to 3D print this model.

7. Print Beds

Print beads play a very vital role in creating smooth, durable, and rigid first layers. If you want a surface print bed that can handle high temperatures, then go for a glass print bed. Other than that you can also use heat beds. 

With heat beds, you won’t require any additional adhesives and can print on the surface. You never know when your surface print bed kicks the bucket, so always keep an extra print bed on the side in case you need it.

8. Digit Spanner Or Finger Wrench

While 3D printing, working with all kinds of nooks and corners is inevitable. A normal spanner can easily drop while working with tight corners. However, a Digit Spanner or Finger Wrench is the perfect fix-tool that will fit any bolt or nut and the best part is that it is attached to your finger. You might drop the spanner, but how can you drop your finger?

9. Center Finder

If you are a 3D printing enthusiast and a perfectionist, then this tool is a holy deal for you. No matter what beam or board you are working on, with the help of this tool you can easily find the center.  

Just hold the pencil in the hole and run it along the circle of the hole to draw the lines of the center. With just some basic geometry, you’ll have your accurate center within just a few seconds. The best thing about the Center finder tool is that you can print this in any material you want.

10. PCB Workstation With Articulated Arms

Working with the PCB boards or other electronics is a tough nut to crack as it needs a lot of detailing work. However, this 3D printed PCB works station makes the job easier. It is also equipped with eight articulated arms that give you a helping hand while working for PCB boards. These articulated arms are long enough to help you reach every part of the PCB board.

Bottom Line

When it comes to 3D printing tools, there have been different innovations over the past years. These accessories help you create fantastic and flawless 3D models. If we come to think about it, these tools are a pretty decent investment that makes 3D printing fun and easy. 

The list of 3D printing tools is not restricted to the names mentioned above, it goes on and on. However, the tools listed above are not only unique in their nature but are also very important for printing 3D models.

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