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How To Update Elegoo Mars Firmware

How To Update Elegoo Mars Firmware

When you buy a cheap 3D printer, you anticipate it to be terrible. After all, one of the most typical tradeoffs for obtaining a low-cost printer is that the quality is frequently sacrificed.

You do not have to worry about that with Elegoo Mars. The prints from this low-cost 3D printer are of excellent quality. It also looks fantastic.

Elegoo Mars is a photocuring LCD 3D printer that creates prints using photopolymer resins. It adds a sensitive touch display to the front of the base, allowing you to fine-tune the controls and settings for your prints, this helps it stand out from other 3D printers.

This 3D printer is on the smaller side, which isn't always a disadvantage! The cost and performance more than compensate for the size. As a result of its modest size, the printer takes up less room, allowing you more options when deciding where to put it. However, the printer's smaller build plate will limit the size of prints it can produce.

Pros and Cons of Elegoo Mars Printer

As a result of recent improvements in 3D printing technology, people are becoming more aware of the numerous types of printers available, and demand for the Elegoo Mars printer is on the rise. Other 3D printers lack some of the features found on the Elegoo Mars. Regardless, understanding these features is necessary for you to properly optimize your Elegoo Mars printer.


  • Elegoo Mars is a low-cost printer that produces high-quality prints and is easy to operate, requiring only minor assembly and a basic printing process.
  • It arrives fully assembled. Along with, everything you need to print your first 3D model. This comprises the printer, UV light cover, sufficient resin, gloves, filter funnels, masks, wire cutters, measuring cups, flash drive, and scraper.
  • Everything is simple to accomplish, even taking out and replacing the resin tray. It is obvious that this 3D printer has been created with proper attention to detail, there is no need to push and pull with effort, fearing that one of the parts may break.


  • Despite the advantages of the Elegoo Mars printer, it does have certain drawbacks. The Elegoo Mars is a 3D printer with a smaller build volume than others, a high-pitched beeping noise that you can't turn off during the printing process, and it trips up due to prolonged use, so it can't be used for longer periods.

The best Elegoo updates

Elegoo Mars 3D printer has received the rewards of many consumers' adoration since its release. Whether it is as a hobby, a money-making enterprise, or professional day-to-day employment, the printer plays an important role in the lives of so many people. While having fun with the Elegoo Mars printers, several designs and 3D printable add-ons have been created to make the printing process easier for those with various needs.

Resin level indicator

If you wish to pour the exact amount of resin for the various models to be printed, this tool may be useful. You can mount this gadget in the metal vat's corner after printing it with the same printer. Each level has a 2.5mm height scale, which equals 33ml of resin. Because the plate and the print item are elevated and lowered during the printing process, exact values are difficult to predict, so this tool should only be used as a guide.

Elegoo Mars drawer base

We may often acquire some extra storage space to keep everything in order by using subtle designs in our daily lives. Spare vats or other tools can be stored without taking up additional room. To have simple access, simply pull the drawer under the printer. The exhaust vent is sent out the back via the base. Rubber feet can also be applied on the bottom to keep it from sliding about.

Funnel and bottle base for Elegoo resin

When a print model is completed, there is usually some extra resin in the vat. What do you generally do with the surplus resin if you aren't planning on starting another print right away? Most people, I believe, would filter it and re-pour it into the container to prevent wasting it.

If you don't have the right instrument or technique, this procedure can get messy, but if you have multiple spare vats, it's a different story when you have this set which is made to take care of the inconvenience. No additional supports are required for the funnel to screw into our resin container.

To avoid bubbles, an air-breathing channel has been provided. Furthermore, the extended bottle base will keep the bottle stable even when the vat is placed on top of it until the last drop of resin has fallen back.

Resin Drip Protector

The build plate and model can still be quite wet with uncured resin after a print has just been completed. Some people prefer to use the drip hanger to tilt it, while others prefer to transfer it to the cleaning station. One, two, or even several drips will likely fall to the edge of the vat, the printer housing, or even the touchscreen throughout this set of movements to remove the created plate.

This is something that the Resin Drip Protector can help you avoid. It's simple to use because you just press it into the vat's edges.

Vat Lid with Seal

As previously stated, after printing is completed, you may either pour the extra resin back into the bottle or leave it in the vat if there is anything to shield it from sunlight and dust. This is why the vat cover has been constructed.

Elegoo Mars FEP Tool

Although changing Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is a routine task that everyone is familiar with, newcomers may need some practice to grasp the tightness of the FEP. The purpose of this FEP tool is to appropriately tension the FEP film while holding both halves of the FEP frame in place. You will be able to acquire adequate and consistent results because the bump at the bottom is at a tested and preset height.

Handle for the Cover

No handles are included on the cover of the Mars series 3D printers due to product aesthetic considerations. Although the cover is light and readily lifted, some people will choose to remove it in a more leisurely manner. If you don't mind modifying the appearance of the hood, a handle has been designed to assist you in solving that minor issue. If you don't want to drill the cover, it has a hole on the bottom for a 4mm screw, or you can use 3M VHB tape. This handle allows you to remove the cover with one hand while also preventing handprints.

Steps to update your Elegoo Mars Firmware

Updating your Elegoo Mars 3D printer is pretty straightforward. All you need is your printer and the USB stick that came with it to update the firmware on your Elegoo Mars 3D printer.

Download the latest firmware update and make sure it is a more recent version than the one your 3D printer is currently using. To do so, go to the printer's system menu, then about, and check the beginning and finish of the third line. If it's displaying a later vision, simply download the zip file for the update. After you've downloaded and extracted the files, you'll need to copy them and save them to your USB drive.

Once that is completed, Insert the USB stick into the printer and print the files you just downloaded in the order stated in the directions below:

Connect the USB stick. Locate the file, and print it. The printer automatically restarts, performs the update, and beeps when it's finished.

  1. Print the remaining files to be updated on the printer in the following order: .CBD > .logo > .bin > .txt
  2. After you've completed these steps, reboot your printer to ensure that the updates were properly installed.

Caution: Be sure you double-check that the firmware you want to download is compatible with your printer; a mismatch between printers may render it unusable, and the file will be automatically updated after restarting the machine in the shutdown mode. To prevent being prompted "Same Firmware Already Exists!" please do not update several times.


The Elegoo Mars is the solution to your prayers if you've been looking for a low-cost 3D printer that produces high-quality 3D prints. This inexpensive 3D printer generates high-quality prints that do not appear cheap. Thanks to the straightforward user interface and the huge 3.5-inch 2K high-definition touch display, it's really easy to use.

From setup to printing, the process is quite straightforward, so you don't need to be an expert to operate this device. This is the ideal 3D printer for you if you're looking for a cheap printer to attempt resin printing for the first time.

The Elegoo Mars can undoubtedly compete with more expensive versions from other manufacturers, and its usability, component quality, and print quality make it a perfect model for both beginners and advanced users.

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