Phrozen is at it again with the unparalleled- Phrozen Sonic Mini. With top speed MSLA printing, top of the line screen, and a price that will shock you. This Taiwanese tycoon of 3D printing is cornering the market with this phrozen resin printer .

Just months after the premier of Phrozen Shuffle Lite – Phrozen has rolled out another top of the line product. With the ability to print up to 5 centimeters per hour. This tiny machine will blow your mind while saving your wallet. Claiming this mini printer will only cost $199.

Read on for a review and examination of the Phrozen Sonic Mini’s specifications.


Like its predecessor, the Phrozen Sonic, the Sonic Mini continues Phrozen’s exploration of mono-LCD technology. An alternative type of LCD masking screen- allowing more UV light to pass through; lowering the cure time between layers and dramatically speeding up the process.

Boasting a new panel that’s tougher, more durable, and having a lifetime of 2,000 hours. This small resin printer is expected to last 4x longer than its competitors. While sounding almost too good to be true, there’s no word yet on the expense of replacing a mono-LCD, meaning our full review is incomplete until they publicly announce the replacement price. However, our judgement is that this mini Phrozen resin printer packs a lot of positives into its small package.

Iron Man Faceplate Display
Iron Man Faceplate Display STL
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Without access to this mini miracle printer, we are unable to rank its quality of production. Yet, with the current specifications we HAVE confirmed. It is suggested that all the extra speed the Sonic Phrozen possesses- it comes at a price. Containing a XY resolution of 62 microns, the mini loses ~15 microns that the Phrozen Shuffle utilizes for its creations. What it lacks in detail though, may be made up in speed. With documentation suggesting a layer cure time of 0.5 seconds per layer (0.05mm) this tiny bot would quickly out pace the ordinary masking LCD printers that are widely circulated today. Making your projects less of a chore, and far more fun.


-The Phrozen Sonic Mini will be running on Phrozen’s Phrozen OS.

-Model preparation will be handled by the easy-to-use ChiTu Box software, which recently added compatibility with a number of Phrozen’s machines.

-Print bed is 120 x 86 x 130 which leaves something to be desired, but Mini is in the name so keep your extra tall projects for another machine.


Direct confirmation that the Sonic Mini will be available for $199 via Phrozen’s official online store. If there are any hidden costs attached to this,we have yet to find out. However, this price would certainly correlate with Phrozen’s desire to market the Sonic Mini as the printer for newcomers. Not a shabby start if these speeds turn out to be true! If you purchase it, let us know your review of this 3D printer!

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