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The Best Dragon STL Files

The Best Dragon STL Files


The dazzling 3D-printed winged serpent magnum opuses are made by Gambody aficionados. The fanatics of small wargaming, films, board, and PC games, who are infatuated with fire-breathing and unimaginable dream snake-like animals can get motivation from 3D printed models.

In any case, not every one of them is appropriate for 3Dprinting, less still are adequately straightforward to be handily printed without costly printers or bunches of involvement. However, there are many, numerous assortments of winged serpent models to be found meandering with regards to the grounds of the Internet.

Through literature, film, and gaming industries legendary monsters from folklore have made their way into our life. They have become some of the most wanted, beautiful, and best collectibles you can 3D print yourself.

In this way, regardless of whether you are searching for completely expressed firedrakes and snakes or another imposingly roosted wyvern. You must view to track down the monster that best suits you.

To make your mission for these superb models more straightforward. We have accumulated an abstract of not many that look great when completed as well as that have been printed by numerous individuals notwithstanding the first creator.

Dragon Hatchling

It is best all of the time, to begin with, a hatchling as per our sources while searching for a mythical serpent. They are far simpler to prepare and devour less food. This prints in a solitary way go with you requires upholds models. Similarly as with any model, the higher the goal, the better the model will be.

Seven Point Five

For the true collapsing experience and stylish, this mythical serpent is completely expressed and intended to have material wing embeds. Searching for a verbalized show-stopper of a mysterious archaic beast? Here you have it!

This model requires a long time to print, finish, and gather to prints in a ton of little pieces and will take a surprise. The backings are incorporated into the STLs, so make a point to cripple them in your slicer prior to printing.

The Better Dragon

For a fantastical storyline or tabletop war game, this imposingly roosted fire-drake is prime material to turn into the motivation. The point of this plan was to make it as simple as conceivable to accomplish a great print on your home 3D printer remixed from another mythical beast.

Pick a material and goal, and get moving to print, essentially load the record into your slicer. There is no compelling reason to tinker with help settings, as the model has custom "tree" upholds currently underlying.


This model was planned considering a more mythical beast-like stylish in light of the famous "Adalinda the Singing Serpent”. Also, this model is ideal for quite a few employments. Aria stands 130 mm tall, and prints without upholds as roosted on a section and including a slimmer body and more created spikes.

Sea Serpent

This Sea Serpent needs wings and legs and is one more expressed model by 7Fish. What it has, be that as it may, is an astounding verbalized tail, ideal for twisting around valuable items or swimming through the tremendous expanses of legends and mariner's yarns of old.

Furthermore, the backings are inherent to help to print, which ought to be done at a high goal. This model prints in countless pieces, which should be sanded and collected.

Cute Dragon

The Cute Dragon is the most ideal animal for you by considering all the things. The variation we have picked here has custom backings worked in, making the print a lot more straightforward than in any case. Maybe a fearsome monster is not exactly your speed, and you simply need a cute minimal model for your work area.


This model will roost pleasantly on the edge of your PC screen never dread. Try not to have any space around your work area for a magnificent winged serpent model? Maybe he will even frighten away a portion of those bothersome promotions. However, this model prints in numerous pieces, some of which need upholds.

Oriental Lung Dragon

We were unable to fail to remember the superb monsters of the East while most of the winged serpents on this rundown are more commonplace of Western legends. However, the most astonishing piece concerning this one is that it is completely expressed. These oriental mythical beasts are ascribed with numerous basic and otherworldly powers.

This model prints in an enormous number of parts that should be done and gathered one more by 7Fish. The plans have support structures worked in, so the main thing you really want to do is set the scale (in all seriousness) and goal. However, you would prefer this model.

Forest Dragon

In order to deliver an appropriate Nordic wyrm, with full horns and hooks implied for scaling even the tallest of trees. This mythical serpent will not frustrate valuable as a model or a figure in a tabletop game. This green legend surely pauses dramatically.

Further, best printed in numerous pieces and afterward gathered, this mythical serpent is scaled for 15-mm tabletop gaming. It is yet noted to likewise be of a decent scale for up to 30-mm gaming.


The jointed winged serpent is last, yet positively not least, we present Braq. Moreover, Braq is one of the most outstanding known and most all-around cherished 3D printed mythical beasts out there in spite of his 42 pieces. However it might require some investment, gathering ought to be generally direct.

Undeniably, the enunciation presented by the 42 pieces is presumably something that makes him so well known. Simply note that you will also require a versatile line to complete the task.

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