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The Best Upgrades for Your CR-10

The Best Upgrades for Your CR-10

The CR-10 is a great printer, and is especially popular with people who are new to 3D printing, but it isn’t perfect right out of the box.

There are lots of upgrades and tweaks you can do to make this printer even better, and what upgrades you choose depends on what functionality you hope to improve.

Best upgrades for CR-10

We have separated the best upgrades of CR-10 into three sections:

Best Functional Improvements for Your CR-10

Do you ever have issues with Z-banding? You might want to consider using these Z braces to help mitigate Z-wobble. These brackets attach to the base and Z-axis, with rods in between the brackets to add stability to the frame. This design does require some assorted nuts, bolts, and washers, so make sure you have this extra hardware on hand.

You can get it here: Thingiverse

Part cooling is extremely important, and sometimes the stock fan just isn’t up to par. The Petsfang modular fan duct is optimized to cool the filament as efficiently as possible. The fan duct has two fangs, one on either side of the hot end, that are designed to cool the filament immediately after it leaves the tip.

Where you can get it: Thingiverse

Best User Experience Upgrades for Your CR-10

Have you gotten tired of trying to turn the tiny knobs on the underside of the print bed to get the perfect level? These printable knobs fit right over the included ones and make bed leveling not only easier, but more precise. There are multiple designs available, but the one we have chosen also prints a strain relief bracket for the heated wire beds.

Where you can get it: Thingiverse 

Do you enjoy doing time lapses or videos of your prints? Then why not have a mount for your camera so you don’t have to hold it for the duration of the video. This 3D printable arm can be used to mount a camera, webcam, or a Raspberry Pi camera to your printer. Keep in mind that you are going to want to print both the frame mount and the bed mount.

Where you can get it: Thingiverse (frame mount) Thingiverse

Venom Spidey Bust
Venom Spidey Bust STL
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Best Purchasable Upgrades for Your CR-10

Getting a Raspberry Pi can be useful for a variety of reasons, but most people use it with the free OctoPi software. OctoPi lets you monitor and control your printer right over the WiFi, so you can check on your printer remotely. The OctoPi can also auto-record your prints if you connect a camera.

Where you can get it: Raspberry Pi

Are you looking to reduce the vibrations from your stepper motors? Try adding these stepper dampers to your printer to decrease stepper motor vibrations. This can reduce your noise levels while you print and in turn improve your print quality.

Keep in mind that this upgrade takes a bit of time. 

Where you can get it: 

Another common purchasable upgrade for the CR-10 is the incorporation of a Micro Swiss hot end. There are a couple of key reasons why you would want to install a Micro Swiss hot end, such as the fact that it allows you to use high-temperature filaments. The hot end is also manufactured so that it is snag free, and it has excellent heat control properties.

Where you can get it: Micro Swiss

There are a variety of upgrades you can make to your CR-10, and the functionality you want to enhance will drive what upgrade(s) you get. From leveling knobs to make bed leveling a breeze, to fixes for Z-banding, the possibilities are truly endless.

What printer do I personally recommend? I use mostly the CR10S4. You can get one on my affiliate link down below

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