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Sell On Nikko Industries

  • What can i sell?
    • Here at Nikko Industries we mainly sell 3d printed props and costumes, but you can sell anything you want, so long as it’s 3d printed or crafted. Whether it’s an Iron Man helmet, a pot for a plant, a car part, or even jewelry you can sell it here! 
  • Can i sell digital products?
    • Yes! 
  • Can i sell physical products?
    • Absolutely! 
  • How much are the fees?
    • It’s a flat fee of 8%. That’s it! Its calculated based on your sale price, not shipping. So if you sell an item for $100, your revenue after platform fees is $92. 
    • Compared to selling files at CG Trader and Gambody that charge 30%, or Etsy that charges 5% PLUS a listing fee, PLUS marketing fees, PLUS 5% on shipping, the Nikko Industries fee is far cheaper than any other platform. 
  • How do i get paid?
    • For now, all sellers are required to have PayPal. We’re going to add more stuff in the future, but just to get going we require everyone to have a PayPal account. 
  • How often do i get paid? 
    • You can choose to get paid weekly or monthly. 
  • How are my digital products going to be delivered?
    • They’re delivered automatically after you get payment! 
  • Is it safe?
    • It’s 100% safe. Our first and foremost priority is the safety of both our sellers and customers. Transactions are secured via PayPal and Stripe
  • What happens if a Maker doesnt deliver?
    • We’re using an Escrow system that protects the buyer from bad makers. When a buyer makes a purchase, Nikko Industries acts as a hold until the seller/maker delivers a product. If the seller/maker doesnt deliver, the full amount is returned to the buyer. It’s a 100% risk free purchase. 
  • What happens if a customer refuses to pay?
    • When a customer refuses to pay, but has received the product, Nikko Industries has the authority to protect the seller/maker as well. Nikko Industries will release the payment to the seller/maker to be properly compensated for the work they have put in. 
  • For any other questions feel free to message me at 


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