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Death Eater Mask


Death Eater mask from Harry Potter

Can be delivered as a raw print or painted.

In order to make your helmet the correct size you need to take measurements of your head.


This is a 3d printed helmet, printed to your custom sizing and optionally finished by hand. Customizations of the paint scheme is possible within reason and you can get it with light weathering or clean.

Variations explanation

Raw: This is the unprocessed print of the helmet. I will print the helmet and send to you for finishing, or you can keep it just as it is without post processing. Before I send it, I will do minor touch ups and fix some blemishes, if any, from the print. This is the quickest way to get the product.

Finished: I'll complete the product all the way to a couple of layers of clear coat. You will receive a product that you can put up for display straight away. Let me know if you want a clean paint job or if you want some weathering added.

Other variations: Here I'll mount and do the extra work if there’s any visor or other accessories. That means the extra parts will be installed and you can just sit back and enjoy the product as it arrives.

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