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The OA Robots


I have designed and printed the cube robots from The OA. With four of them, should you be willing to jump into the invisible river, they will take you across dimensions. Luckily they preform with perfect feeling, so you won’t need to worry about teaching five others the Movements. 

The model is printed using MarbleJet PLA and Silk Silver PLA. The MarbleJet was great for representing the marble of the cubes used in the show, and the silk silver has a great metallic finish. 

I tried to replicate all degrees of freedom we see in the show. The base can swivel, the legs move from 45 degrees to 90 degrees to lift up the top half. The shoulders are on sliders that can revolve around their third of the ring. The arms each have two ball joints capable of 90 degree rotation, a ball joint at the wrist, and pin joints holding each of the three fingers so they are individually possible. 

With the articulation of this model, you will be able to pose it in almost any of the positions we see in the show, or a position from the Five Movements.

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